Have you ever danced with your soul?

One of the big issues I am dealing with now relates to fear (sound familiar?).  So the question comes up:  Why should we fear anything or anyone?

The expression to “dance with my soul” came to me recently.  We experienced a ferocious gale force winds here in Seattle the other day (well, I call it gale force… anyway).  Our building was actually shaking and I felt uneasy for a bit.  I really don’t have a fear of storms or wind, but this one was a little more than I am comfortable with.  I have been through tornadoes in OK when we lived there – one in which we lost our car and literally had to run for shelter (found our car two days later – 5 miles away)… so I get a bit leery when the wind velocity gets really high.  I was talking with Loren afterwards, and we were discussing about how we had watched the hand blown balls which we have hanging from our overhang on our balcony – and oberved that they were swaying dangerously back and forth and back and forth — we were just waiting for the string to snap and the glass balls to shatter.

As we were watching this display of drama, the words came to both of us …. out of the wind, I guess… that trees will bend in the wind, otherwise they would snap.  Ah, the balls, now became dancers in the wind.  They came to no harm as they were constantly moving without resistance, a form of surrender.

A pleasant feeling came over us as the thought came to us that we were dancing with our souls… ah… inner smiles spared throughout our bodies and we started to giggle… (well, I giggled, Loren chuckled).  It immediately put everything back into balance.

The wind is invisible, yet real.  The fear we feel is only created in our own minds.  We choose, fear or love.

Then I thought that healing energy is also invisible, yet real.  Like the wind, it can blow right through us, disturbing, cleasing and then when the storm has abated, leave us laughing.  That which no longer serves us has “gone with the wind”.

This journey through life can be scary.  By sharing it with someone who listens, we learn to trust ourselves. Find someone that will not judge you and just accept who you are (this is rather hard to do sometimes). To heal is also to awaken.


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