The great question: What is spirit’s plan for me?

I had a great question on my online forum- after I’d shared that Sprit’s plan for me was to increase my personal power, one participant asked how I know, how do realize the plan spirit has for us every step of the way.

This is the question of every seeker and anyone who has ever wondered what their life purpose is. On the one hand, life is so complicated. No one provided a manual to explain things, which means that it can take us twenty, thirty years to figure things out… On the other hand, life is so simple. It is always about the now moment and about our being.

Life Is Simple

No, life isn’t always easy, but it is simple. So, let’s make this simple too.

The Formula

Life has a formula it is always working for us. Life is always about love, expansion and becoming who we are. In life we are meant to feel love, experience love and give love. Love becomes automatic as we feel fulfilled though our expansion which brings about our dreams and positive experiences of ourselves. Those positive experience help us feel like we are who we wish to be in our greatest potential.

To help us fulfill this, life is always working a program for us. The program is infinitely complex, energetically speaking, and simple as can be. Life, our your Source Energy or God, etc., is always working the energetic web of life to bring each of us the right experience at the right time according to our energy and our desires.

This plan includes short-term growth and expanding experiences as well as long-term growth and evolution experiences. Together these are all set up to help us fulfill the formula and become the co-creators of life in our highest potentials possible.

Working With The Plan

Being aware of the plan isn’t always a part of the plan. Actually, for most of us, we may know very little of any plan life has for us. In many cases, we are fortunate to know what we desire or who we wish to be, let alone what growth or changes we need to undertake to get there.

Be Perceptive

If you know what you desire, who you are and who you wish to be, then you are in a good place to begin to work with life. Working with life requires that we choose to work with life and that we listen.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Hearing life is probably the most challenging. While we all know how to listen, we don’t always hear what is said. Many of us color the perception of what we hear so that we hear more of what we wish to hear. We also block what we don’t want to hear, so that our perception is off in at least two ways.

Do we do the same with life? Of course, but generally even worse. Take all the expectations you have of the people in your life, all of your deepest wishes and the things you avoid, can’t stand and hope never come forward. Take everything you hold against life and this will give you a good idea of your filters, or the blocks to your ability to perceive life clearly.

When you seek to work with life and the purpose it has for you, you must open. For many this is considered advanced work because most people have too many filters to perceive clearly. Perceiving clearly begins with our putting our biases and our attachments aside so that we can listen despite ourselves. It also a deep knowing that life holds much greater wisdom so that we can relinquish our control and allow another power to direct us.

So, simply put, we can become aware of life’s plan for us our purpose when we are open, receptive and listening without filters.

At this point, the next question then becomes, how does life having a plan for us jive with our being here to fulfill our dreams? What happens when we dream of one thing but life seems to be taking us in a different direction?

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