The Energy of Money

Money is a tricky subject. It’s like talking about politics or sex in our culture. People would sooner let you see the inside of their ovens than open up to reveal their thoughts, emotions and habits related to money. However, looking only at the flowers and not the soil gives a limited picture of the garden. Careful consideration of the many complexities of money ushers in new insights related to money in both our personal and professional lives.

This meanandering in and out of, rather wordy blog  will hopefully provide you with some new wisdom about just how dollars flow to you and through you.

Money is energy. But what does that mean? Energy is fuel which sustains life. Think about the Human Bio-energetic System. The Human Bio-energetic System (as defined by many folks) is comprised of four dimensions; physical, auric, Haric and Divine Essence. The energy of this system, as we understand it, is the power, or the fuel, or the life-force of the system. The system not only seeks ways for the energy to flow, it requires it. What happens if the energy of our body is held? Or frozen? Or leaking uncontrollably? The system falls into disease, or lack. Now translate that idea directly to money. When the energy, the fuel, as it were, is held, frozen, or leaking uncontrollably, the result is…….lack.

This truth has been known throughout antiquity. Our ancient civilizations understood the powerful influence of the movement of money energy on the entire system, including the individual. They knew it so much they taught the concept in the synagogues, churches and communities. In religious communities it’s called tithes and offerings. The “promise” in tithing is that givers who deposit 10% of their wealth will get back 10-fold what they put in. Ooh, but that hits up against so many people’s money clips. Many givers begrudgingly pry their fingers open to deposit their gifts, only to be left with a limp coin sack after many months of this practice. So what went wrong in the process? In truth the apparent “magic” is not tied to the dollars dropped into the offering plate that returns one’s good fortune. It is the strength of the energy in the Human Bio-energetic System, namely, the Hara, which has the sole purpose of intentionality.

Everything which is manifest into the physical realm is first created in the Hara. So when the intention is to give and receive dollars in a manner that is effortless and free-flowing, this intention trickles down through your auric field. From there it is brought into the physical plane as reality. If we give our wealth begrudgingly, the intention is distorted and the energy flow is blocked. If our intention is to keep money out of fear, greed or deceit, what will we manifest? Most likely the result will be a decrease in the flow of money from you and towards you. If your belief is that the universe of money is scarce and depleted so you must conserve and reserve, the flow becomes frozen to you and through you. If your intention is to treat the energy of money carelessly and use it with frivolous disregard for the resource, the supply will shrivel like a raisin in the Arizona sun.

Think about making a purchase at a store. If the Home Depot cashier makes a mistake and forgets to charge that expensive $50 faucet fitting to your bill, you might walk out thinking, “wow, I just got $50. Home Depot isn’t going to miss it but it makes a difference in my pocket.”  You just sent the message through your Hara and auric field and into the physical dimension that has an intention, or a vibration,  of lack. Nothing could be worse for your money energy flow! Everything is vibration and matter. Remember the first law of physics; like attracts like. Holding this vibration of lack in your energy field will only bring lack towards you.

A few years ago, I had a bizarre turn of events while returning something at Target. The details don’t matter, but during the process, I discovered that Target was owed $50. The mistake wasn’t mine in the first place, but I found out it had been made. I returned to the Target store after I learned of the error and rectified the situation.

Two weeks later we were giving a talk out east….after we returned, we were sent an extra $500 with a note saying, “we really were impressed and we want to increase what we paid you.” Hmmm… What was that about 10-fold?

This was not an isolated incident. I can truthfully say that 100% of the time that we’ve experienced similar incidents, ten times the cash comes to me unexpectedly.

The sticky thing about aligning one’s intention is well, learning how to do it in a pure manner that is not a turkey disguised in a peacock suit. That’s not going to get us anywhere.

I had a conversation with many folks about charging for their healing sessions. For some reason this fear of actually asking people for money is always present with healers, like money is some greedy, bad thing. It’s energy. There’s nothing wrong with providing pro-Bono work or work for fees on a sliding scale. And likewise, there’s nothing wrong with being paid commensurate with one’s education and experience. In fact, the exchange of money energy can often be healing to a client who has a scarcity mentality around money.

The part of us that abhors feeling vulnerable would love our clients to just toss bills at us with lavish abandon, thus affirming our wizardry. Unfortunately it’s pretty atypical for a person to say, “I know you only want $60 for this healing session, but I’d like to double that.”

As professional practitioners, folks need to address the itchy subject of being paid.

At one time in our civilization, healers weren’t paid with money energy. Instead they were paid through other means of energy exchanges. The community took care of them in ways other than directly dropping coins in their hands. Healers had their food, housing and taxes paid by the community. That system is long gone in our common world. So if we bleed out our financial resources by giving away our services, eventually we will find our money-energy exhausted.

Addressing our limited beliefs about the energy of money can be helpful. In some instances, we wrongly use money energy to meet a particular need. In these cases we are only depleting the money source when what is really needed in the Human Bio-energetic System is a different sort of energy. Perhaps it is the energy of emotional healing; or perhaps it is the energy of physical health. Getting to the root cause of one’s distortion, releasing the distortion, solidifying a new intention within the Hara and new thought-forms within other areas of the Human Bio-energetic System is required.

A clear, strong intention is not the only thing necessary in the growth of one’s wealth. It is also essential to realize that there are dozens of cosmic laws at work all the time. And certainly shadow aspects within one’s self also at play. In resolving money stressors, we must examine all of the things we care about in life. Princess Leia said to Han Solo, “If money is all that you care about then that is all you shall receive.” In order to drop into the wellspring of financial abundance, we must examine our attachment to or irresponsibility around money. The salient factor around abundance is not as much about the amount of dollars we spend, it’s what we spend our dollars on and why. People don’t need money meditations to bring wealth. What really makes a difference in one’s bank account (financial or otherwise) is the idea of lining one’s intention through one’s Hara for blessings of abundance on all that one is and has, all the good that one gives and receives in every aspect of human life.

Be curious about your relationship to money. Are you throwing your money around in hopes of filling a painful emotional energy void? Are you gripping money so tightly nothing can flow? Have you given money away out of imposed obligations that do not serve you or the other? Or have you justified your good fortune and kept money that belongs somewhere else? This is all energy, and it most definitely is affecting your financial psychology as well as your literal bank account.

In the end remember, money is not the bottom line. Love is. The absence of love in one’s life is a far more painful place than the absence of money. And there is no greater love than the ability to love the self.

Dollars aren’t the root of happiness but they are not the root of evil, either. They are the result of how somebody lines up Energy. If you don’t want dollars, don’t attract dollars. But we say to you, your criticism of others who have dollars holds you in a place where things you do want, like wellness and clarity and well-being, can’t come to you either.

Well, enough to think about?????? I think so…………………….  (this blog was not written in the usual 20 minutes… this one has been swirling around in my head, scraps of paper, little text notes, One-Note savings….. for months…..  it still gives me lots of pause…)


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