Starting a Group – is it time to do that?

Starting a group with like-minded people can help you feel
grounded and connected to what matters in your life.

Human beings, by their very nature, love to gather. Yet as
much as we crave community, the rigors of real life frequently interfere with
our efforts to come together with likeminded individuals. For this reason,
fellowship is crucial to humanity’s wellbeing now more than ever. Most towns
and cities play host to a variety of small groups that allow people to
congregate purposefully, but that does not mean we should not consider founding
our own. When people with similar interests, ideals, or aspirations come
together as a group, a community is built that provides a new dimensionality to
our earthly experiences.

The formation of a group is like an invitation welcoming all
those desiring companionship and camaraderie into a circle of support. You may
feel driven to found a group for women, healers, knitters, readers, writers, or
political activists. Rules need only be a part of your communal experience if
you find that level of organization appealing, and it matters little whether
your group is large, goal-oriented, or structured. When you have a firm vision
of the group you wish to bring into being, hang posters, reach out to
acquaintances, and get in touch with similar groups to attract participants.
Groups of likeminded individuals are to some extent inherently exclusionary,
being that they serve as a supportive environment in which people who have
something in common can gather. Yet such groups can also transcend the
boundaries that might otherwise keep people apart, The group you create will
likely attract people from many different ethnic, cultural, and spiritual
backgrounds, a! nd if you make these individuals feel equally welcome, your
group will grow and thrive as a result.

Try to ward off any discouragement you feel when those
intrigued by your group’s purpose are not ready to contribute actively. They
are likely waiting to see how it evolves and whether you are truly committed to
serving as its heart and soul. If the group you have founded is a positive
influence in the life of even a single individual, it is well worth it. Your
intention to bring people together will be the seed that develops into a source
of nurturance and community that stays true to its purpose long after its
initial inception.

Ready to do this?

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