Give yourself a gift today…

So often we are busy sending love and healing to others that
we forget to send healing to our ourself.

Most people, when given an opportunity to aid someone in
need, are eager to do whatever they can to be of service. Those of us who have
chosen to make healing the world a vocation are grateful for any occasion to
send light and love to people in our immediate spheres of influence and beyond.
As we apply our passion and our principles to this altruistic endeavor, we
often forget to send ourselves the same bountiful gifts of wellness, though we
ourselves may be in dire need of it. We overlook ourselves, not because we
forget, but because we fear that focusing on the self is an indicator of
selfishness. It is moreover much more difficult to heal oneself than to heal
others because the seeds of uncertainty are more easily banished when we act on
another’s behalf. When we send healing light to ourselves, it is important that
our intentions and our self-trust be stronger than ever to counteract doubt.

As we bless ourselves in this way, we serve as both an
active channel and a passive destination. This should not change the way we
interact with the valuable energy we wish to receive, however. Though we may be
tempted to consciously direct or influence the manner in which light impacts
our lives because we know ourselves most intimately, we should not try to control
its path. When we draw the white light of protection and purity to our bodies,
taking it into ourselves with each inhalation, our belief in the fact that it
will naturally move toward areas of dysfunction will ensure that it flows
through every muscle and organ. And when we fill our spaces with this light,
our environments are cleared of all the negative energy that can sap our
strength and our spirit. Surrounded inside and out with healing light, we feel
safe and protected, healthy, relaxed, and content just as those who regularly
receive such loving gifts from us do.

If you sincerely believe that there is a part of yourself
that exists independently of upset and illness, the love and light you send
yourself will help you connect with it. You will see the affirmative impact of
this connection almost immediately when you include yourself in the recipients
of your healing gifts, as life’s frustrations become more tolerable and your
bliss becomes ever more palpable.

So, your assignment for today… is to give yourself the
gift of healing…..