Saturday Super Quiz

Subject: it takes two to dance…  meaning two answers to each question

1.  The color orange
is between which two colors in the visible spectrum?

2.   Witch two
countries fought in the Falklands War?

3.  Which two elements
make up water?

4.  Which two elements
make up brass?

5.  Which two colors
are on the flag of Bangladesh?

6.  Which two
beverages are used to make a martini?

7.  Which two
countries border the Dead Sea?

8.  What are the two
main constituents of the air you breathe?

9.  Which two U.S.
presidents were impeached?

10. A Big Mac contains two what?

11. Which two ingredients make succotash?

12. What two countries are separated by the Pyrenees?

13. Which two elements are most commonly used to make

14. What are the two basic ingredients of a Manhattan

15. What are the two parts of your nervous system?

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