Promoting the Positive and trying to avoid the negative pull

We always have the option to not participate in negativity
or to find a way to create a positive direction instead.

Sometimes we start out with the best intentions to think and
speak only positive thoughts, but the people around us throw us off course. Not
everyone fully understands the power our thoughts and words have, or even if
they do, they may be stuck in old patterns of negativity. Much of our habitual
communication takes the form of complaining and criticizing, and it can be hard
to find a way into certain conversations without lapsing into those old habits.
However, we always have the option not to participate in negativity or to find
a way to influence the situation in a positive direction. In the right company,
you may even be able to directly acknowledge the fact that things have taken a
negative turn, thus freeing yourself and others from the negative pull.

Not everyone will respond to your cues, and there’s no need
to become overly attached to the idea of changing other people, because people
have to choose for themselves how they will be in the world. Many people choose
negativity because it is familiar to them and feels safe. It is important to
give people the space to find their own way, but you can always set an example,
subtly representing the power of being positive. At times you may interject an
affirmative statement into the conversation, and at others you may simply
change the subject. You may also simply withdraw your energy and presence,
which also makes a subtle statement. If you feel comfortable enough with
somebody that is always negative, perhaps you can have an honest conversation
with them; after all, awareness is the first step to change.

A powerful way to free yourself from the negative pull is to
enlist allies who are similarly minded. You and a friend, coworker, or family
member may agree to work together to continually shift the energy in a
situation in a positive direction. The power of two people working to promote
the positive is exponentially greater than one person working on their own. As
you and your allies work together to lift the energy around you, you will be
amazed to see how quickly the positive pull begins to draw people into its
orbit, freeing one mind after another from negativity into light.

Ok, so this is one I need to work on….. so I need to pay
more attention to my thoughts, huh?

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