What Does the Next Step Look Like?

The big question, for those of us who care about the
evolution of consciousness and culture, is what is the next step supposed to
look like? We know what it feels like—it feels very inspiring. When you awaken
to the evolutionary impulse, it’s exciting, and at times even overwhelming, so
full of positivity and possibility. And when you discover a higher perspective,
it’s thrilling—like waking up from a dream. But that’s about as far as most of
us have come. So now, inspired by these breakthrough experiences, we need to
begin to create some shared agreements about where we are going and what our
lives would look like if they were authentic expressions of the shared vision
of the possible we find in an evolutionary awakening. Until now, the only
reference points we have had for how to live are what has already happened.
Unless we are serious and focused on consciously creating a new form for our
shared culture, even though our minds might be informed by higher perspectives
and our hearts might be alive with the thrill of the possible, our lives are
probably not going to look much different from the lives our parents lived. So
I feel that these deeper questions in relationship to cultural development are
something we all urgently need to engage with. Nobody has figured this out yet.

—Andrew Cohen

Just a thinking kind of day………..

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