The Adventure of Being Human – just something to think about

Thousands of years ago, humanity made a decision; a decision
to live with a sense of inner separation.

At that time, spirits had become tired of incarnating as
fully-aware spirits-in-physicality. They wanted more challenge in life. They
wanted to turn life into a mystery; a true, stand-alone human experience, not
just an extension of spirit into matter.

Bear in mind that, in the natural state of spiritual living,
as free spirits in the mental realms, there are very few limitations. People
can manifest anything they need, relocate instantly in space, shift to a
different position in time, all at the speed of thought. In the mental realms,
people can visit friends or go along with them, exploring the universe, all
through the power of thought. That’s why they’re called the mental realms.

To be more specific, the mental realms exist in multidimensional
density consciousness and are the domain of your soul or inner being. We have
been having a disconnect between third-density physicality and the multidimensional-density
realm of your inner being – and what a trial it has been!!!!

Physical incarnation is always voluntary. Nothing compels
your soul to incarnate into another physical life. It is always a decision at
the personal and soul group level whether to come back into physical life on

Thousands of years ago, physical experience was a
fully-conscious extension of spirit into matter. People knew who they were as
spirits, connected to their inner selves and to the universe as a whole.

“What if,” they said, “we came into physical existence and
didn’t know who we were? We could devote our whole lives to searching for the
answer to the mystery. Imagine what a challenge it would be!”

Humankind then made the joint decision to immerse itself
further into a denser, more focused reality. Their focus was directed upon the
physical senses, along with a detachment from the superconscious and
subconscious levels of thinking. By maintaining a tight focus upon the “outer”
world of the senses, humans could even believe that they are fixed into one
location in space and locked into a time continuum.

Imagine, physical life would become so intense, so real, so
convincing. Now, most people love exhilarating rides, like the ones at
amusement parks. And, if the ride seems scary, so much the better. Roller
coaster rides are scary. The old Ghost Train rides were scary. Disney’s Haunted
Mansions at their theme parks in California, Florida, Paris and Tokyo are all
very scary. So scary that, when the rides end, people say,

“That was great! Want to go round again?”

Life can be scary, too. A life spent without a constant,
conscious connection to your true inner nature is always a challenge.

Today, the amusement park ride of inner separation is coming
to an end. The shift to whatever is happening today – remember, it has been a
process – going on for a bit of time. We are becoming more and more aware of
our inner nature. Those who grasp the idea of the New Reality will actively
develop that inner connection, and not just wait for it to surprise them as it
slowly unfolds.

And remember, this ride through intense physicality was
always a choice. We may not remember as far back as when the choice was made,
but, at a soul level, we’ve been willingly hopping on and off the theme park
ride of physical life on Earth ever since.

We incarnate for the experience of physical life, and to
help transform this reality towards its ultimate state; one which, today, is
looming very near.

These are the days of transformation, the time of something
happening. As a culture, we are about to find ourselves and reconnect within.

Boy, the “voices” where chatty this morning… I
think I need to be just 3d for a minute or two…. off…


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