Make One Healthy Move a Day

1. Create a list of fiving things that make you happy.  Personal happiness has more to do with howyou spend your time and what you think about than external circumstances.
Prepare a list of the simple life events that make you feel good – smiling at
strangers, sipping the perfect cup of coffee, taking a walk with friends.  Commit to at least one mood-boosting act
every day.

2. Cut calories, not taste. Swap high-calorie ingredients for healthier options.  Try Greek yogurt as a spread instead of mayonnaise, Portobello mushroom steaks rather than beef,
red peppers on pizza in lieu of pepperoni and applesauce for your baking in
place of more-caloric oil.

3. Quit waffling on your decisions.  Washing your hands can help you stop questioning
a decision.  Cleansing appears to removenot just physical residues, but mental residues, such as the concern about whether one made the right choice.

4. Sharpen your short-term memory.  First, eliminate distractions like TB.  Then organize the data you are committing to memory so that similar facts aren’t grouped together.  For instance, if you are tying to memorize two phone number, you are more likely to succeed if you focus on a different type of task in between.

5. Strengthen relationships.
Pay attention to the small things your family and friends do for you.  In a recent study, couples recorded the gratitude they felt for their partners, whether it was for taking the kids
to soccer practice or shoveling the driveway.
The subjects reported feeling more connected to their loved ones for
over 24 hours afterward.

6. Get organized about paying bills.  Go digital. Having bills automatically paid
from your bank account  or each month do a “one time payment” (as I do) means fewer checks to send.  Opting for electronic statements will alsocut the clutter.

7.  Stop dwelling onpast mistakes.  We have all tripped on a
stair or fumbled a word.  But as you reply the mistake in your head, chances are everyone else has moved on. It is likely they have experience the same types of disaster and are empathic.  Not convinced?  Try to remember the last time you saw someone
stumble.  It is easier recalling your own blunder, isn’t it?Got any other ideas?

One move a day… yes, doable….. now I need caffeine.


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