Everything we give our attention to becomes more, bigger, and brighter.

Inertia is the force that keeps something or someone who is moving in motion, and it keeps something or someone who is resting at rest. In order to overcome it and have something new happen, a special kind of influence or energy is necessary. In terms of the quality of our lives, we’d have to care a lot more about our world than we’ve cared in the past. We’d need to start moving in a different direction.

If you sit in on the average casual conversation today, much of the talk would likely center around the national picture, what the politicians are doing, and where “we” are headed. You and your friends would probably agree that the national situation isn’t giving you what you really want; that you seem to have lost your freedom, your peace, your own power to do with as you please; that our war-like tendencies simply aren’t serving us anymore; that our distribution of goods and natural resources favor the “haves” and penalize the bulk of the world’s people; that you live in fear; and so forth. You could go on and on listing the flaws in the current system, and almost everyone would have an opinion which would ostensibly help to make things better from within the framework of the current system. The current system, however, is first and foremost an illusion that we choose to keep our attention on. We could just as easily talk about something else, if it weren’t for the power of the inertia we keep bumping into. Just try to get your friends to set the topic of politics aside for awhile, and see what happens. In most instances, it would be as if no one heard you. They’d keep on talking, lost in the inertia of the national collective mind.

There are those who would say that we’re powerless to make changes in the face of collective inertia, but this simply isn’t true. As we said earlier, changes occur when a new influence or energy is introduced into the picture. So, let’s shift the inertia by introducing just doing something – just starting…. You start by stepping out of the collective mind, the collective inertia.  When you do this, your imagination is unleashed. You can have a new direction, one which gives you the autonomy to create our own vision, and the knowing that, in the envisioning, you are actively and consciously creating something better for yourselves. Your power instantly returns to you, and, from this point on, you’re back on track, doing what you came here to do – not the “group mind”.

I’ve talked about “group” mind a lot the past two years, so none of this is new “stuff”… but I write also to remind myself to step out of it….. off to find something hot to drink.


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