Come Alive in 2012

Wake up! This is not a dress rehearsal. 2012 is here, and it
can be YOUR year to come alive and be positively lit up by a luminous love of
life! Do you need more creativity,  more
pleasure, more sex, more love, more fun, more passion,? In this new year ahead,
what if all you do is take back your vitality, attractiveness, magnetism, and
allure? Wow, how do you think that would impact every other area of your life?

Do you remember walking down the street feeling great in
your body? Do you remember feeling strong, vibrant, and in touch with your
power? Sadly, we’ve come to believe that as we get older it’s natural to lose
touch with this radiant life force. We allow vital parts of ourselves to be
hidden and suppressed, and instead we settle for feeling tired, weak, flabby,
and old. Well, enough is enough!

How would you like to feel luscious, juicy, and sexy year
after year? To all the women AND men out there, how would you like to reconnect
with the seductive, magnetic, and desirable you — whether you’re 35 or 75?!
What would be possible for you if you reclaimed your desirable self this year?

We all need to be committed to rise above the gravitational
pull of our past. You have an opportunity to encode your consciousness, day
after day, with your best life. And we need to get moving. Your life isn’t
coming later, it’s here now. So look to see how you may have already sold out.
Did you set a new intention a few weeks ago and are already seeing yourself
slip back into old patterns? It’s okay. You can just make little shifts —
slight adjustments in your thinking, your behaviors, your habits, or the words
you speak — and watch those small shifts have BIG impact — like the ripples
in a pond, gradually influencing the whole of your life. What I’ve noticed over
the years is that transformation almost always happens with the little shifts.

Would you like to create an intention for coming more fully
alive this year? What would that look like and feel like for YOU? Allow
yourself to see it, feel it, and encode your consciousness with it. Create a
vision map or place the images, objects, and notes all around you that will
remind you of your new intention. How do you think it would affect your psyche
if everywhere you looked (your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, office,
and car) you saw images and words that inspire you to unleash your true

I am certain that this can be one of the yummiest years of
your life so far. So make a commitment to doing the transformational action steps
I send you, and get ready to reclaim your holy glow.

Transformational Action Step

Take out your journal or a piece of paper and pen and ask
yourself the following question:

What would I have to let go of in order to come more fully
alive this year? What…







Tired old drama


..from 2011 would I have to lay to rest in order to have
2012 be the best year of my life?

Letting go of the past is a hard one… but think what could
happen if you did….

2 thoughts on “Come Alive in 2012”

  1. I agree!! More YOGA!! To regain my flexibility and my health….work doing things that are more FUN!! no more stressful jobs,more healings and SELL PRETT CLOTHES!! Choose to be happy and healthy wealthy and wise EVERY DAY!! 😀
    Thanks Diane…..

  2. I’ve realized that even though I may do well in this respect in many areas, the areas of my life that I try to avoid hoping they will go away need to be embraced in 2012, too.

    For me I am thinking I have to find a way to make it a **joyful** thing to accept what is, and as I said really embrace the doing. Not do it grudgingly — as grudgingly will get me lousy results. If I find a way to reinterpret and enjoy the experience, then I can reap the benefits it holds for me. Only then can I move on to the new and better me that will come as a result of that.

    Baby steps, right? 🙂

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