Dowsing to make a house more livable

 Most people (including Webster) think only of dowsing for water, i.e., “water witching”. But, dowsing can be very useful when you need to find your car keys, or answer everyday questions, such as, “Is this a good vitamin for me to take today?” or, “Should I go left, or right, at this juncture?” There are numerous mundane uses for dowsing; but, the fun begins when we use it to access our intuition and expand our wisdom. We use pendulums for our dowsing – other folks use dowsing rods.

Motto of dowsing: “There are no limits.”

Dowsing is an infallible method for accessing your inner truth. It can eliminate confusion and give you a new, powerful, sense of self-confidence and wisdom.

Following is a true story that illustrates the power of dowsing, for the benefit of clearings:

MAHA’ULEPU – June 1996 Mary’s (not her real name just a name I picked out of the hat) life was dramatically transformed by doing some clearings in her home in MN. So, when she purchased a condo in Kaua’i, Hawaii, she decided to to bless her new home with the profound rituals that balance, harmonize and align Qi (vital, life-force energy) at a frequency that resonated with the her greatest good and highest purpose. We happened to be on a trip to HI at the time, so she asked us to help out with the “livablity” of the new place.

The condo was on the ground floor of a charming old building with the ocean sparkling just a few yards beyond the grassy terrace. The view was spectacular. The condo’s interior was still in the process of being renovated, so the space was still empty of furniture.

When we walked in, we assumed that this gorgeous, empty space was going to be a simple assignment. we anticipated determining some power spots, making suggestions regarding the placement for major pieces of furniture, perhaps some color consulting, and “ritual” clearings, to dispel any old “sticky” energy left behind from former residents, so that Mary would instantly feel at home and feel like she had roots there.

With the ocean view and the tropical Hawaiian breezes wafting through, Mary’s new condo looked and felt fabulous! But, knowing that appearances can be deceiving, we pulled out our pendulums (dowsing vehicles) to check the quality of subtle Qi energy.

We always begin dowsing with three traditional permission statements: “Can we, may we, should we do this dowsing now?” followed by a request for the pendulum to respond to any noxious Qi. Noxious Qi is any disruptive energetic that would be detrimental to the inhabitants of the environment. We are alerted to such situations if the pendulum spins to the left, or if we feel a heavy tug or drag on it, as though we’re pulling it through water.

We started at the front door and traced the perimeter of each room with our trusty pendulums. Just as we expected, the energy was nice and smooth all around the place, room after room… until, much to our surprise, when we opened the door of a closet in the living room the pendulums began spinning wildly, twisting and truning back on itself. Such a severe reaction only happens when something is terribly wrong.

Mary saw the rod’s erratic behavior and was noticeably concerned. She told me that this closet used to be outside on the patio. In the remodel, she had the exterior living room wall moved forward to include the patio, so as to create more interior space. She said the upstairs balcony, still outdoors and directly over the closet, had leaked in the past; so perhaps, she suggested, my rod could be picking up a leakage problem. Based on that information, our first question to the pendulum was, “What is this negative energy? Is it something relating to water?” The pendulum swung sharply to the left, clearly indicating a “No” answer.

Then we asked, “Is it anything electromagnetic?”

Again, it swung sharply to the left:


“Is it anything to do with electricity?”


“Is it something geopathic?”


“Is it geothermal?”


We didn’t have any idea where to go from here with our questions. So, just to be flippant, we said, “What, was there a dead body in here?”Much to our surprise the pendulum started swinging violently to the right, strongly indicating a “Yes!” Instantaneously, we got a clear picture in our mind(s) of the closet when it was outside on the patio: we saw rakes, brooms and garden hoses… but no dead body.

However, then the next question instantaneously popped into our mind(s):

“Is it something in the building materials?” The answer was a strong swing to the right: “Yes!”

“Is it something in the cement?”


“Is it something in the sand?”


“Hmm… Can we, may we, should we clear it?”


(we said a silent, “Thank goodness!”) 

So, with a strong, clear positive intention to dispel any and all noxious energy, we set about doing our clearing  “rituals”.

We use our voices to create powerful sounds (I know this sounds strange, but this time it was called for), as a medium to carry profound intentions on intense vibrational frequencies directed to the quantum level of environmental matter. Just as a spoon will easily bend from the “force” of mind intention, Qi will shift to resonate with the higher frequencies of clear, mindful, intentional, shamanic sounds. We visualized healthy, harmonious, healing Qi, first permeating and filling the closet, and then spilling out into every nook and cranny of the home.

After completing the clearing “rituals”, we dowsed every room again and this time everything, including the closet, was smooth as silk. Mary was tremendously happy and relieved by the shift she felt in the atmosphere. She said, “I don’t know what it was, but I’m sure glad you found it and cleared it — the difference feels amazing!”

Without that detection and correction, the consequences could have been grave. While spending time in that area of the living room, a person might have experienced headaches from being subjected to the strong, low vibrational frequencies that made my rod spin. Or, because “Like attracts like!” those frequencies could attract, like a magnet, entities with similar low frequencies, such as ghosts, or dangerous low vibrational creatures, like centipedes. In fact, we were later told, that the construction workers had already found one centipede in the closet! Hawaiian centipedes are huge and extremely poisonous –definitely “noxious!”

The next morning, Mary invited us to breakfast with some of her friends. Of course, she was excited to tell them the story about how our dowsing had revealed the problem in the closet, the questions it had led me to, and the answers we’d gotten.

Natalie, a woman who’s lived on Kaua’i for thirty years said, “Oh-h-h! They must have gotten the sand from Maha’ulepu! The name means ‘Dark And Bloody Ground.’ There were so many battles fought there that you can still find bits of human bone in the dunes. Many Hawaiians believe it’s sacred land that should never be disturbed. They call it ‘Kapu’, [taboo] but many contractors use Maha’ulepu as a major quarry for the sand they use to make cement.”

Long ago, we learned to trust our dowsing answers implicitly, even when they do not make perfect sense to our conscious minds. But, it isn’t every day that “way out of the ordinary” answers, like “bones in the sand,” get verified so quickly and so explicitly!  

This is why dowsing is so vitally important to clearings.

When we walked into Mary’s new condo, it was clean, light and bright; with dazzling  views and tropical breezes. It looked, smelled and felt like a perfect home in paradise! Who would suspect that anything could be amiss in such an idyllic environment? And who would ever think to look for trouble in a closet? Yet, noxious energies were lurking there. Thanks to dowsing, we found it out! And, it was eradicated –like compost into the Universe!

For many decades, dowsing has made significant contributions to our lives, yet we are still continuously amazed by it!

Am dowsing now… it says I need some coffee – right now!!!!