A Short Guide to: Today’s Slang

Slang began in the 1950s, when newly rebellious teenagers started using an alternate lexicon to beguile and bewilder their elders. (Prior to this, using any word not found in the dictionary would result in a fine and the public-shaming ritual known as “goosebeaking.”) Here’s a look at today’s most popular slang and what it means:

•”Cool”: Refers to the relative temperature that teens enjoy, as “cool” weather allows them to wear their beloved snakeskin jackets and fiberglass leaping shoes.

•”Cram This Sham!”: This aggressive slang is used when the speaker believes that the program or attitude espoused by his addressee is nonsensical, erroneous, or detrimentally antiestablishmentarian.

•”Phat!”: This sunny acronym stands for Please Help Attack Tommy.

•”Mom’s a Sellout!”: Teens say a lot of stuff. Don’t take this one personally.

…and I won’t even go into the texing jargon….  Today’s jargon – tomorrow’s new words in Webster….

 What slang do you want to add????

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