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Looking Within

Your mind will run you around, lifetime after lifetime, until you still it

The world we live in is but one among an infinite number of realms and realities that are available to us. Joys and wonders abound in places that only become known when we are able to stop the constant onslaught of our egos.

Indeed, when we take into consideration the vastness of All That Is, the part of us that is our persona, our ego, is very small, so small in fact as to be almost inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Of course, it would have us thinking otherwise. In seeking constant validation for its own existence, the ego has us telling ourselves that we know better than others, that we’re smarter than most everyone else (even if our IQ hovers near dog-level), and that the world would be a marvelous place if others would just follow our lead. In short, our ego is lying to us every step of the way, and it for us to find our way out of the maze of lies so our Spirit can shine forth.

That’s what’s important. Our Spirit calls out for release, for unbounded expression, for love and expansion. While, at the same time, our ego blocks the awakening of our Spirit with its constant distraction into mundane trivialities and survival issues which are, most often, unfounded. Isn’t it time that we put the ego in its place? How about, for openers, if we give it the same consideration that we give our body every summer? How about we give it a two week vacation so our Spirit can come out and party for awhile?

The destiny of men and women on Earth today is not to be found chasing after the promise of the American Dream. Those of us who grew up in the baby boomer generation have seen the American Dream come and go. It has outlived its usefulness. There was a time when it was very attractive, but it has left many of us feeling empty. One day, we may have been at the top of the material world, enjoying all of its bounty; and, the next day, that bounty could become burdensome or nonexistent, leaving us to wonder why we spent so much time and energy pursuing it.

A common thread that runs through the minds of many of us is that there has to be more to life. There has to be something we can do, or someplace we can go, to achieve the lasting happiness that we instinctively know to be ours. Fortunately, there is a place we can go for fulfillment that offers us a vast range of wonderful experiences. This place lies within us – each and every one of us. As we close our eyes and be still for a few moments, sights, sounds, and feelings that were once hidden show themselves to us. We realize that we are more than our body. We are a Being who lives inside our physical body, and this Being continues to exist long after the physical body is gone.

As we practice looking within, we find that the Spiritual Being who lives inside us is not encumbered by the manmade rules, contrived scenarios, and survival needs of the physical body. It is unlimited. It can take us to worlds we didn’t previously know existed. Suddenly, we discover that the true destiny of man and woman is having free access to higher states of consciousness. We see that our future lies in other realms, other dimensions, other Universes. We feel like a seed which has remained dormant for a long time that has now popped its head above the soil, spread its new leaves out for all the world to see, and is reaching its young branches up to the sky.

Ah……….done… now my day starts….. oh, dear.. first — coffee and the paper…

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