General Ponderings

Are you doing or being?

So, with everything that has been happening personally on our journeys, we are now moving beyond the frequency shield of the solely 3rd dimensional world…  which means we are leaving behind the need to “DO” in order to feel valued… (didn’t know I was going there did you?)  We are entering into the harmonious state of existence where all doing comes from a place of WANT TO and not HAVE TO.  A subtle, but profound shift.

As we come to terms with how we truly value ourselves and consciously release the heaviness of obligation and feelings of unworthiness, we are becoming much lighter and entering more fully into what I like to call the “Paradigm of PLAY”.  This is where our passion, purpose and potential will be a direct reflection of our true LIGHTness of being…because ultimately, if we are not en-JOY-ing ourselves, we are not whole-HEARTedly contributing to the new timeline where “work” does not exist.

The value of purpose as something we “DO” is necessary in a separated mindset (where duality exists).  It provides us with the ability to project our worthiness onto an external “thing” in order to know it, to see it, to feel it.  Before, in the past, it was useful to project our perceived value onto the canvas of our lives so that we could recognize it and reabsorb or integrate.  BUT – now that we are becoming soul-infused, co-creation becomes about PLAY, about expressing our uniqueness in all that we do simply be BE-ing who we are and doing everything that brings us joy.

I am told that the purpose of a soul (this lifetime) experience is to realize itself in form and to express its uniqueness through that which elicits joy.  Our self-promoted purpose, or new J-O-B is to learn how to facilitate change by living freely and playfully by reclaiming our birthright to simply exist and create.  There is no longer any separation between who we are and what we do.  Who we are IS what we do now and as we become a living authentic, empowered expression of self, we simultaneously shift from human Doings to human Beings we were always meant to Be!!!

I don’t know any greater freedom than that, except maybe for a cup of coffee after all that heavy “pondering”…..