Structural Impediments—–what are they? Huh?

Sometimes life is hard. While there are countless reasons for that ——- an interesting one to consider is that of structural impediments. This means that it is the structure itself which is the cause of your problem.

Think of an organization structure which can impede quick decisions and actions by the members of the

organization. (That’s not all bad. Most governmental structures have been designed so that change is

not the result of momentary flashes by the loudest, but rather the result of debate and reasoned

consequence assessment.)

Many businesses, however, are hampered by organization structures which have outlived their

design and are no longer responsive to current market conditions. Families, religions, sports teams,

economies, all may have structural impediments.

You may not be the only cause of your failure to move. It may be structural.  If there is a structural

impediment in your life, can you change it? Or do you need to sidestep it?

Do you even “get” what I am talking about… if so —- good, if not… then…. Also… good….. all in all, it certainly give me something to ponder over today….  Is everything working in my life?…and I mean EVER)YTHING?????  Etc…. Wow… coffee first…

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