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Help???? I crumble under pressure….

How often have I not only said that but heard the above plea….. Have to speak to a crowd? Cook a special dinner for your in-laws? You can probably add about 20 more to this list of stressors…. What to do, oh, what to do???
1. Nix nerves the fast and easy way….
• Erase worries by wearing… believe it or not… pink!!! Add a touch of pink – whether it is a sweater or an accessory or a tie, scarf, socks, etc…. to your outfit. Just looking at this hue is proven to increase feeling of serenity. In fact, it is so effective that scientists believe gazing at the color has an effect similar to taking a mild tranquilizer….
• Feel invincible with clary sage (clary sage – stout Mediterranean sage with white or pink or violet flowers). Sniffing the light, fruity scent of this essential oil triggers feelings of euphoria, aromatherapy studies show. Plus, it may help spur production of mood-boosting endorphins, according to research.
• Increase clam by humming – whether it is your favorite tune or just random sounds, softly hum for 60 seconds before entering a high-pressure situation. Doing so is proven to activate the brain’s pleasure center and increase the number of relaxing alpha brain waves.
• Prevent self-doubt with a nod…..try steadying your nerves by nodding your head a few times – and continue to nod periodically whenever pressure is mounting. It helps boost your belief in what you are saying, instantly increasing your self-assurance.
2. Think faster on your feet..when we start to feel pressure, our brains often freeze up and go blank. Outsmart it by:
• Two hours or less to go before a pressure filled encounter? Take a brisk walk!!!!! Aerobic exercise—like walking briskly or hopping on a bike — boosts your creative powers for two hours. Why? Exercise increases your brain’s arousal level, making it work harder on coming up with ideas – even when you are not aware of it.
• Firing up brain cells with your eyes! Shift your eyes horizontally back and forth for 30 seconds – some study participants in a couple of studies – performed better on tasks gauging creativity and came up with more original ideas. This simple exercise boost communication between the brains’ two hemispheres, helping you think faster on your feet and fit concepts together in new ways.
3. Fake it ‘til you make it…. still worried about crumbling? When all else fails, just pretend things are under control. Really – people won’t know the difference when you try.
• Putting up a front for five minutes! Pretend to be in control for five minutes and you’ll start to feel that way. That is because the first stages of pressure-packed situation are the most stressful – get beyond them and everything starts to feel better.
• Buying extra time with a pause….It is human nature to feel uncomfortable when there is a prolonged silence during a conversation. However, occasionally going quiet can make others think you are in control of your thoughts and confident in your ability to answer. What’s more, trying to respond too quickly causes you to rush your words and sound jumbled. Instead, pausing to collect your thoughts tells your brain to slow everything down.
• Channeling someone… think of someone who exudes calmness and strength, then try to act just like her. It can be favorite aunt or a celebrity, such as Katherine Hepburn or Julia Roberts. This allows you to play a role – a strategy that gives you something else to focus on, distracting you from feeling nervous.
So, I really need some coffee….

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  1. I love these ideas! I will need to buy a little pink & some clary sage oil! Who knew? Thanks Diane!

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