What I Think Determines….

 What I think determines

What I feel determines

What I do determines

What results I get!

If you ….change your thoughts

You can change your feelings

And change what you do

To get the results you want

Or, if I always think…..what I always thought

Then, I’ll always feel…..what I’ve always felt

And, I’ll always do ……..what I always did!

And, I’ll always get……what I always got!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ok I will start with what I always do… coffee… but then, I think, perhaps, I will stir things up a bit today….. FUN!!!!

1 thought on “What I Think Determines….”

  1. Awesome! What a great reminder. I just was thinking about this last night. Our old thoughts really can hold us as a prisoner unless we let go and start thinking, “what is true for me now”. Cool!

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