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My Mission???? My purpose????

This won’t be my typical blog. It’s more of a personal blog from me to you and though it may seem odd, I have such gratitude for you as a reader. I can’t explain it as I don’t even fully understand it myself…

I think it’s because so many of you email me personally, sharing your thoughts and stories, that I feel I know each of you. You’re a part of my life. So I want to share something with you…

When I was younger, I witnessed a life changing (for me) and, well, I guess for the other person also…. accident.  I was driving along I35– ahead of me was a motorcycle driven by a helmetless individual.  This person was weaving in and out of the traffic – and it appeared to me – going over the speed limit… ahead of us was an incline – steep enough that you couldn’t see over the hill… As we reached the top there was a semi-trailer carrying a large load of steel pipes… the motorcycle hit the pipes head on… severing his/her head (I didn’t know the sex)… the head came tumbling down the highway right at my car… I severed and missed it – I couldn’t stop because of all the traffic…. But let me tell you… my heart stopped for a bit….

 The rest of my drive I was stunned and questioned how all my little stresses and worries could matter when life itself could be taken from me in an instant.

It drudged up that age-old question: “Am I just surviving my life, going through the motions? Or am I really living each day in a way that, when I go, I can say that my living mattered. That I did what I came here to do?”

Yet how many of us have had these sudden and stark awakenings… only to get lost in daily life so soon after? How many of us are stuck in survival mode?

How do you choose between the very real process of healing and living a more purposeful and meaningful life… and dealing with your everyday stresses and problems that keep you blind and deaf to the life happening around you?

And what if one day it’s suddenly too late? I have often wondered… if my life ended… could I say that my living had mattered? Could I say I did what I came here to do?

The answer to that question is why I’m writing this blog…

In a nutshell: I think I have a hero complex. 😉 The most important thing to me… what drives me to stop and help whatever I am doing if someone needs my help and sometimes work 20+ hour days, 7 days a week… at the end of the day it’s not about me. It’s about you.  Well, it is about me, also… because I am in a service lifetime….

I feel most alive when I know that others are changed… better… happier… more empowered… because of some small or large part I was able to play in their life. This isn’t some fancy way to state my mission. I am truly and honestly baffled about so much that does go on…. and the question I try to live every moment: “How can I help? How can I make a difference for MY part?”

When I feel those moments, I don’t fear life getting cut short. Because those questions and those answers are what I believe I came here to experience and give. It’s what makes my life matter.

So I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart:

You may not know me personally. I may not know you. But this is NOT a one-way street here – you have given me some good blog ideas… good ponderings… good questions…. Thank you…. Now, let’s go have a cup of coffee….

4 thoughts on “My Mission???? My purpose????”

  1. thank you diane! We are both in a service life. We are both different people in who we are but both of us have this enormous heart for being there for other people. I have, after I learned the boundaries of co-dependency and healthy me boundaries, had such joy about knowing that someone is happier, more grounded and headed in the direction of their passions…with a little bit of help from me. And now my purpose is also about mother earth and health through eating good food and supporting our new children being born each day. What a joy and a high in many ways. So, yes, life is great with its bumps and boulders, etc. Love you, Beverly

  2. In 1997, I was working at Children’s Hospital in the Infant Care Center with the tiniest of tiniest premature infants. We had two twins that came in that had twin to twin transfusion. This happens sometimes where one twin gets all of the nutrition and the other one dies but in this instance it was caught soon enough. The Mother had an emergency c-section and the babies were premature by about 6 weeks. The littlest twin was about the size of pop can and bright red. The neonatologist tried many things and then decided to prepare the Mother and Father that one of their twins was going to die. Our staff of nurses had nurses from every age there but there was one nurse that was suppose to have retired a long time ago but still came on call occasionally. Shirley said to me, “no baby is going to die on my watch.” She took the littlest baby and stuck it right beside the other twin and all of the nurses tried to stop her as this was against protocol. Of course you know the story, the littlest twin’s heart stabilized and they both left the hospital healthy and happy about 2 months later. I learned that day that there is more to this life than following orders from someone else and real service comes from wisdom. Wisdom comes from learning and knowing and putting our lives in action. You, Diane, have the wisdom that I have always wanted to learn from and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Very nice! I for one appreciate all you do – both what I know about & what I do not. Thank you!!

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