Life Skills

How to maintain balance…. Can you do it?

You may feel tense today and unable to concentrate on the rigors of your usual routine.  Your obligations may require you to undertake activities that tax you mentally and physically because they require you to venture outside of your comfort zone or use your body in a new way.  You will likely find that you can successfully take on these new responsibilities but that these pursuits exhaust you.  To maintain your well-being while also conquering the duties fate puts before you today, you may need to rest between each activity.  You can ensure that you are giving 100% of yourself to each of your tasks.

Uncommon exertion can empower us to achieve a new level of success but must be paired with rest that goes above and beyond when we usually indulge in if we wish to maintain our overall well-being.  It is easy to fall into a trap in which we are so driven to succeed that we do so at the expense of our health or our happiness because we do not fully understand the relationship between our need for satisfaction and our need for wellness.  We can pursue our purpose diligently without feeling tense or strained by simply modifying other areas of our lives to make sure that our existence does not become imbalanced.  When we are similarly industrious in our quest to achieve equilibrium, stress will not impede our progress.  You will find that you can apply yourself to your goals without exhaustion today when you give yourself plenty of time to recover.

Now, for balance… coffee is calling….

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