a think about it….optimism

In this postmodern day and age, the word optimism has, for the most part, been demoted into the pantheon of pop-psychology approaches to feeling better and has all but lost its role as fuel for true spiritual and cultural evolution.

How do you view optimism?  What is your definition?

2 thoughts on “a think about it….optimism”

  1. Optimism has been tarnished so I don’t use it that much. I view myself as “human”. I wake up in the morning and I put my feet on the floor and know that the floor will support me. I eat food that I know is not poison and is good for my body. I walk out my door and know that I will not be attacked. Many people in this world can not do these simple things because of phobias and damage to their psychological self. We should all feel grateful for these simple things that we can do in life. I think faith might be another word for optimism, courage is another, and another is walking through life knowing that you are loved.

  2. Optimism is something I aspire to. It doesn’t come as easily on as many levels as it used to, but I know I can get back there. For today, I woke up breathing and that’s a good start.

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