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Learning to trust “self”…. Man, this is a hard one…

Learning to trust our intuition is something that can connect us with our higher selves.  Sometimes it might not seem easy to do this.  Our thoughts and minds often get in the way.  But by accessing our innermost self, we will find that the information we receive is usually what we truly need at that moment.  One of the techniques that allows us to really get in touch with our deepest font of wisdom is using our body as a pendulum.  The simple act of letting our physical body lead us in a certain direction can offer us extremely deep insights and help us find the answers we seek.

Many of us may have tried using a pendulum or crystal on a chain as a dousing tool to acquire the information we need to make decisions or even find lost objects.  Using our bodies puts us much more closely in tune with our be – ing.  The process of using your body as a pendulum is to ask your higher self a question and wait for your body to respond in either a forward-tilting or backward-tilting motion.  The first step is to really understand how our higher self-communicates with us by cantering our bodies, asking ourselves the directions for “yes” and “no” and noting which way our body moves.  For a lot of people a forward motion is “ye” and your body tilting backward is a “not” answer.  It is easier to start with simple questions at first to understand how our higher self-communicates with us.  As we become more used to the messages we receive and how we process them, we can start asking for more specific things such as what dosage of herbs to take or which foods would best nourish our bodies.  Using these techniques in the grocery store of when shopping for vitamins and remedies can be extremely helpful.

Since we are always present (well almost always….) in our bodies, understanding how we can use our bodies as pendulums is a tool we can use at any given moment in our lives.  Letting our bodies tell us what is happening inside of us will in turn help to guide us through not just daily, but also major life decisions.  The more we allow our bodies to open up and share with us the connection it has with our deeper self, the better able we will be able to access the knowledge we hold so deeply within us.

We have used this technique for over 25 years… it works…. Sometimes our “minds” think it knows best… but it can only scratch the surface…. Let the body help….  My body is telling me it is time to quit and have some nice very hot coffee…..

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  1. A great techniqu! thanks for the reminder Diane. Enjoy your coffee. Time for my tea now and then off to college.

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