Answer to yesterday’s bit of a question….

As a child, it was my first camera….  and the only year when dad actually bought me a gift and put it under the tree and surprised me… I was14….  all the other years he’d ask me what I wanted and give me money to buy it… yes even as a small child – we’d go buy it together.  I loved that camera for so many reasons…. (o:   As an adult… my father-in-law… a very, very, very unemotional curmudgeon Norwegian… who NEVER gave gifts to anyone… gave me a very gaudy rhinestone necklace…  ugly as hell, but what a thought…. (Loren’s mother never did forgive me for that)….

the gifts I always looked forward to the most were from “the aunts”…  they always made us/we cousins “something” unidenifiable… and we always had so much fun trying to figure out what it was… really miss those times….

Loren and i give little tokens to each other all the time… and neither of us can wait for the “event”… so anything we buy we call it Christmas, birthday, valentine’s day, Easter, memorial day, yadda, yadda, yadda gift….

So as for gifts… (not emotions or feelings)… that is pretty much it….  but, of course, my most cherished gifts are Loren, the kids, grandkids – family and friends who are now our family….

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  1. When I was in kindergarten I saw a child size toy grocery cart in my parents closet before Christmas. My Mom tried to tell me Santa brought it early, but it was then that I figured out who Santa was and that was fine with me.

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