So…. Does love help?

I have been a little “down” recently.  I know it is the time of year; I don’t really “do” this time of year well.  I know how to rise above it – how to stuff it, etc.  But this year, I decided just to go “with it”….  So the other day I was watching the wind and the waves (one of my favorite pastimes) down at the shore…  This “message” came to me:

This little pine tree is covered with frost and yet warmed by the promise of life and the universe’s love in the springtime. So too, we have times in life where we feel confined and yet if we focus on the love, suddenly the situation “thaws” and new solutions are presented.


There is upon earth an energy that is prompting each one of you to get in touch with your heart, your dreams, and the dearest wishes of your soul. Some of you say, “But I know what I want! I want love! I want money! I want a beautiful home!” And while these things are indeed part of the greater manifestation, what you truly want is to experience love in every aspect of your life! You want to feel love, know it, see it, and indeed, experience becoming it.

Take time each day, for just a minute or two, and ask yourself… What would my life be like if I knew how deeply and dearly I am loved? Imagine, you feel more loved than you have ever felt before. Imagine you are loved beyond condition. You are not judged. All your perceived “sins” are forgiven. Anything you have or haven’t done is just fine because at any given moment you have done the best you could do.

Take the time, and ask… What would my life be like if I knew and felt how deeply I was loved? And then imagine you ARE loved, exactly as you are, with exactly what you have, in the exact circumstances in which you find yourself today. Ask to feel this love in every area of your life.

Next, because you are now imagining how deeply you are loved – now decide what it is you truly want.

Next, trust….. this is the hard one.. but trust that you deserve it.

First of all I have lots of trouble with the word “love”… to me it has become a “kleenex” word…. This does NOT mean a throw away word (as one of my friends asked me when I was describing kleenex words associated with the word love)… “Kleenex words” are words that have become over-used to describe a wide range of things within a category… thus Kimberly Clark’s trademarked “kleenex” to describe all tissues or Rollerblade corporation’s “rollerblades” to describe all in line skates…. Get it?  So what in the heck is love?  Personal? Sexual? Family? Universal? A feeling? An act?  On and on and on….  So, I asked… how can you “feel” something when you don’t know what in the heck it is????  Well, for today… I am not defining it… I am just going with the message… I am going to try to “feel” love and see if it helps…

I needed that message today. My thoughts went back to when our dog, Moses, was aging. Sometimes in the throes of aging doggie care, having a full time job, parenting, etc., I forgot to focus on the fact that I am loved.   So on the day a long time ago, my dear dog is outside because it was a beautiful day and he loved the outdoors but I couldn’t let him in till I finished the chores I was doing. Yet he is having fits because he wants to be inside. He had always been a demanding guy but his tantrums started going off the charts. I had never seen a being resist aging so strongly! He wants to be here still. Every time I asked him if he wants me to call the vet he looks away or worse yet glares at me or starts to howl his discontent! And yet, he couldn’t walk easily and whined and pitched unholy tantrums when he couldn’t get where he wants fast enough. It was quite something.


As this blog is interrupted, I feel the rainbow of human emotions running through me. I feel irritation, helplessness, because no matter how much I loved him, I knew he would have never been satisfied with this phase of life.  I remembered having feelings of panic as to how I’ll ever get anything accomplished, still have a more peaceful life for me, and under it all incredible love for this beautiful being that has been my companion for so many years. You name it, I feel it! I know many of you have been there – so overloaded with demands on you from someone you care about, be it child or elder or animal, that you can’t even sort out a dominant feeling… except love.

So I did as the message suggested. As I remembered my dog whining outside, I sat for a moment, breathed and asked to feel love for me. I was flooded in that moment with warm, tenderness, and a feeling of being held by the angels. (Strange, huh?) It was exquisite. And in this space, I remember who I am and what I am made of again. I focused on the presence of love within my heart and focused all my love on my dog. Since God loves me so much, he wants to help me, and I asked him to please comfort me and my dog and help us find peace. I felt immense peace in my heart, knowing I was not handling this all alone. Just as suddenly there was quiet outside and I snuck to the window to see my little guy resting in the sunshine once again. Tantrum over.

Many of us do not quite understand universal love because we equate it to human love. We think we have to earn it, be good, do the right things, etc. We think if we are rewarded with what we want the universe loves us, and if we don’t have it, either we haven’t been good enough or the universe doesn’t love us. That is all a bunch of nonsense! In truth we are loved beyond our capacity to comprehend – unconditionally, deeply, and eternally.

Loving myself unconditionally has been a huge lesson as of late. I have not been living up to my standards at all times by any means. I have lost it and yelled at people I love, and then cried my eyes out. I’ve been so emotionally tired some nights after “having one of my days” that I got whiny and wasn’t sure I could get up the next morning. After one particularly hard night last weekend, my guides came in and tenderly suggested, “It wouldn’t hurt to ask for help.” I thought I had been asking for help but I realize I had been asking while focusing on the negative reality, rather than asking while focusing on the peace I wanted! My mouth was saying what I wanted but my entire energy field was praying for exactly what I didn’t want! They surely set me straight! It made a huge difference :)!

When things get hard my guides have me sit still and focus on believing and feeling how much love is around me. Suddenly I am resting in the arms of a mother and father who only want my good, a lover who is tender, sweet, and caring, a soft breeze that caresses my skin on a spring day, and a gentle rain in the midst of a hot summer. And for just a second or however long I can hold that feeling, I want the whole world to know this love. It can change your life in an instant. It can shift your reality very quickly even if the outer circumstances do not yet change. It can heal your heart, calm your body, and remind you of the deepest truth of your reality. And if you do it often enough, it starts to become the loving and beautiful reality in which you live. Other beings will do what they need to do. The world will continue to create its hardships and lessons. And yet, you can be the peace amidst the chaos, and with practice, it becomes pretty amazing. We may never be “perfect” at it, but we are loved unconditionally just the same!

So that is my “take” on love for today…. I will still explore the word more, but for now…. I am at peace…. Or will be as soon as I get some coffee…. It really helps…. (o:

7 thoughts on “So…. Does love help?”

  1. That was my reaction, too! WOW!!

    I want to remember to take time to feel this every single day: “What would my life be like if I knew how deeply and dearly I am loved?”

    I also really need to work on that one — as probably every human alive does, right?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. I think this is the best writing ever from you.

    Thanks for sharing your heart. And I currently have an old dog so your words hit home for me. As I look at her now, wondering how often I’ll have to wake up tonight to let her out, wondering if she is in pain and what I can do, wondering why she was yipping and crying at me two minutes ago…I am soothed by your words. I think I’ll get off the computer and try love.

  3. That was awesome DIane…I have been feeling so sad this week as my daughter in law kept our grandkids from us and my son his children from him on my grandson’s bday……I keep sending everyone love and trying to hold it together…this helps to know….eases a little or to maybe let it out….
    thank you…blessings to you……

  4. That was so loving! Thank you for sharing with us your very personal journey. You are so brave and generous. I can feel your love and the love from the angels and guides in your writing. What a wonderful gift you give.

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