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Receiving…. Basically, most of us get an F in this

Receiving is good.  To learn to be a good receiver is to learn a useful skill.  There is, however, for many, a bump on the receiver road.

When someone offers you something —- you may think, in order to be a good receiver, you should accept whatever is offered.  You may have been taught it is not “nice” to turn down a gift.  Or you may believe that if you say “no”, you will be cutting off some future flow of abundance.  But what if that which is offered is something you don’t want? Don’t need?  What to do then?

You can receive the gift of having had something offered to you.  Read that again…. And again.

Receiving is not a black-and-white; yes-or-no thing.  Each time you are offered a gift or opportunity, you want to be able to enjoy the fact that the offering was made. Enjoy the offer.  Then you are free to choose whether or not to receive that which is offered.  If it is right for you, receive it.  If it’s not, don’t

Be open to always enjoying receiving the offer.

I am certainly not turning down the cup of coffee Loren is handing me…. Yep, I am a good receiver…. But let’s say he would have brought me a glass of milk, I’d appreciate the offer… but turn down the gift… since I really do not like milk.

Go practice today… appreciating the offer….

3 thoughts on “Receiving…. Basically, most of us get an F in this”

  1. When I was growing up as an energy sensitive soul and didn’t know that…and lived in a family without boundaries and a lot of hurting people who used projection as their “salvation” from too much pain, I had learned to protect myself so well that I also shut out all good information about myself. Receiving was dangerous. In my recovery and becoming aware, accepting my gifts and learning about boundaries and establishing very good boundaries, I find that those boundaries are flexible now (and if I run into situations where they feel more protective or rigid, then I need to take a look about what is going on…an alert button so to speak). And allowing the validation, gifting, goodness, etc. of others is becoming graceful and easier. Receiving, actually, I am beginning to look forward to and knowing that I don’t have to recipricate recessarily. Just yesterday I went to my favorite family restaurant who knows me well, and had lunch with a good friend who’s birthday is this month along with mine. The owner’s daughter and staff gifted us with an appetizer and then a scrumptous brownie with ice cream and and whipcream carmael drippings that made a delightful piece of art. We thanked them for their generosity and I accepted openly and completly. this receiving is getting fun for me. And I also appreciate you pointing out that you can receive and be grateful for the gift but also say no. So, I got that it is important to acknowledge the gift and that acknowlegement is receiving from the heart …..and say no…..but both have to be there. Thank you for that insight.

  2. My parents were big on reminding us kids that “it is the thought that counts”, especially when we received a “strange” gift from a relative at Christmas, etc.

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