Again, some more thoughts on hope

Hope is something, but it is not enough to sustain you.  Hope is just a glimmer.  It is better to know than to hope.  Hope has a disclaimer with it.  Hope says that maybe something you want is going to happen.  Maybe.  It could.  It might.  There is a chance, if you are lucky.  Hope is more like holding onto a thread.

A thread of hope is better than nothing.  Hope lets a little light come in.  Even to have an idea of a blessing to come is a good thing.  Yet hope is a weak thing.  Butter to pull the shades up all the way….

As it is, hope carries a percentage of doubt with it.  Think about it… I hope you get over your cold.  I hope you pass your test., etc.  … All pretty much laced with doubt.

So, why not carry much more hope than the word hope give.  Hope is lackluster.  I know a better word, more like a marketing word.  It is sure to wake you up.  It is sure to put stars in your eyes.  How about desire?  Desire is a word that carries more zip with it than hope.  Desire is a wonderful word that exhilarates.  So this morning I am all for changing hope to desire.  I am all for desiring all that you desire.  Who should desire all that you do desire more than you?  Desire is stronger than limping hope.

But there is another aspect I guess needs to be pointed out…. You really do not have to have everything you hope for.  You really do not have to have everything you desire.  All your desires do not have to be fulfilled. You may think you would like total fulfillment of desires, but, you know, you have heard of poor little rich girls who get everything they want.  Desires fulfilled so rampantly are not so fulfilling.  This definitely is so when your desires are all about you.


Know that you are ok and still all your desires may not be fulfilled.  It is not a bad mark against you when your desires are not fulfilled the way you would like or as soon as you would like.

You may want to expand on your desires.  If you desire a new dress, odds are you will have to go to a store and buy it.  If you desire a happier home, desire that you find ways to make your home happier.  If you desire to make a home run, desire to hit the ball hard and to fun fast.  Desire is greater than just making a list of your desires.

Along with being a desirer, you want to be an appreciator.  Really stop to appreciate all that you do have.  Maybe there are or have been good things happening when things seem to go awry…

No longer fight life so hard…. Go easy on yourself….

For me… I am not either hoping or desiring some coffee… I am in the NOW… it is here… yum!!!!

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