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So… do you “know”? Do you “understand”?

Hmmmmm, grabbed you there, huh?  This is a topic that has been really interesting to me…  mostly because I have to watch my judgments around it.  It is when folks say they “know” something vs. when they say they “understand” something.  Really, it is different.

To “understand” something is to have figured it out, to have found your way through it logically. When you understand … you comprehend it.  Understanding is a thinking, linear process and that is a good thing.  You want to be able to think and to think very well.  There are great payoffs for being a good thinker, for being good at understanding.

To “know” is different.  When you understand, you “wrap your mind around it.”  When you know, you are wrapped up in it.  Knowing is a visceral, feeling-based, fully-body experience, far greater than merely having an understanding in your head.  Thinking is the power of reason, the ability to make judgments, to solve problems and to make decisions.  Practice getting better tat thinking and you will understand more…. BUT allow yourself to tap into an even greater awareness which exists beyond your mind.  Allow yourself to come to “know”.  When knowing is added to your excellent thinking… you will experience every moment even more….  Oh, yeah, being “in your body” helps with the “know”….  You can think – understand just using your mind… to “know”… you really need to be present….

Oh, my…. I “know” I need some coffee…. Join me?

4 thoughts on “So… do you “know”? Do you “understand”?”

  1. Yesterday I came to a knowing place finally on an issue I’ve been struggling with for YEARS. Someone helped me see that all the understanding in the world hadn’t made a dent in it & never would – so I just have to let that go.

    In fact, mind is where the problem was. A decision I probably made before I was 5 yrs old was running big parts of my life. Mind was never going to “fix” that, but KNOWING can! Wahoo!

  2. Great distinction. I have gardened “knowing” and now I find it has become time to “understand”. I call it intuition and adding the scientific part. Thanks for the clarity.

  3. It can be so hard, because the understanding can run counter to the knowing. Sometimes we know things, we feel things, but we can’t understand things.
    Right now I don’t feel like I understand or know

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