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Nature – really does help “cure”

Did you know that research shows a link between mood and outdoor exercise? I mean I always “feel” better when I am doing something outside, but never had given thought to it being part of a “mood curer”.

To fix what ails you, take your workout outside. New research from England’s University of Essex finds that just 5 minutes of “green exercise” – walking cycling, running, gardening, fishing, etc., can boost your mood and self esteem.

The study jibes with previous research showing that outdoor walks battle depression better than mall walks do.  Add to that the other benefits of outdoor activity –greater exposure to health-promoting vitamin D (from the sun), enhanced cognitive functioning, increased compassion (yeah, compassion—test subjects were more considerate after viewing images of nature)… and more time outside could mean YOU feeling better….

Since I love being outside it won’t be a stretch for me to think of it as a health “cure”….  Hmmmmm I wonder if that is why Loren always suggests I go take a walk when I am having a bad day and am rather ‘bitchy’…. Hmmmmmmmmm

Today… I am putting my coffee in a thermal cup and taking an early walk… man, I will be so GREAT to be around….. Join me?

2 thoughts on “Nature – really does help “cure””

  1. Thank God for Coffee Diane!!! And now you have the walk and the coffee. Enjoy. Just got back from my morning walk in the woods. What comes to me as I walk, view and experience nature as I walk in my woods is gratitude. It is such a cure for whatever ails me. Have a great and wonderful nature day. Love you.

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