Making you think

Why do people more commonly skip breakfast than any other meal, considering that this is the time when the stomach is emptiest?

Can you dream of having a dream?

Why do we close doors and windows to reduce noise, considering that sound travels better through solids?

What are you thinking about today?

2 thoughts on “Making you think”

  1. Why aren’t we hungry in the morning — maybe biology giving us time to hunt & gather our food?

    Why am I so hungry at night? And usually the hunger nothing satisfies? Probaby NOT biology.

    The plane & machine noise is less with windows closed. Are we sure about that solids thing? 🙂

  2. Thingking about today???? My brain cells don’t connect with each other today nor yesterday. In a cocoon again I think. Would love to be able to think without some confusion going on. Dreaming is actively out also. A temporary software problem in my circuitary perhaps.

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