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Knock, knock… who is there?

Sometimes it feels as if we have many different people living inside of us, expressing themselves in voices that seem distinct from one another.  There is the inner child with its wants and needs, the angry voice that expresses its opinion, the calm, serene adult who listens with the voice of reason; the competitive businessperson trying to get ahead… you probably can list many others.  With all these different parts of ourselves expressing differing desires and needs and opinions, we may begin to feel as if we have no clarity.  It is difficult to know which voices to pay attention to and which ones to ignore or dismiss.  Even if we manage to move forward amidst the confusion, doubts and concerns may linger in our psyches – simply because they have not been fully expressed and examined.  As a result, we may have trouble being at peace with the decisions we do make.

One way to handle this dilemma is to consciously make time for a meeting of the minds within our selves.  This can be done as a guided meditation or as a journaling exercise.  In both we can summon the many fragments that make up the whole of who we are and give them each a chance to speak. This can be a helpful tool in the face of a decision we need to make and it can also be a fruitful path to take in the interest of self-exploration and self-care.  When we gather the many fragments of “us” together, the health and power of the whole is greatly increased.

We can imagine a roundtable in which we gather all the various representatives of our being, allowing them to name themselves and giving them a chance to speak.  We allow each one to weigh in, fully expressing the perspective they represent and we listen without comment.  As we listen, we may be amazed at the wisdom and energy stored in these “parts” of our self.  This gathering brings the “part” pieces of our “selves” into a closer relationship, enabling us to move forward as a unified whole….

I practice the “rambling” above often to discover things about myself that have been either stored or shoved aside…. As I said… I am certainly a work in “progress”….


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  1. Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone have done extensive and fascinating work with the seemingly different voices/personalities that co-exist within our being.
    They call their work “Voice Dialogue” with a therapeutic approach/paradigm that looks to integrate and work with these often times diverse, disparate and numerous aspects of what we call and think of as ourselves.
    Anyone interested could do a search on the internet where they have an extensive amount of information,videos,etc. available !

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