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Just a wee bit more on procrastination…. Some helpful hints

I have a confession to make.  I am not a procrastinator… I am probably at the far, far side of it.  There I said it.  Now why in the heck am I writing about procrastinators?  Well, not only have I been asked to give some hints… I really am surrounded by procrastinators of various levels…

  1. Reward yourself.  One of the biggest reasons we procrastinate is that we just don’t love some of the things we have to do.  So give yourself a bit of added incentive and create a system of rewards.  For example, if you love to get outside, give yourself a 30 minute outdoor bread or schedule a lunch with a friend or reward yourself with a movie.  Anything that works as a reward for YOU.
  2. Delegate your weaknesses.  One of the fastest ways to eliminate procrastination is to get rid of the tasks you aren’t good at and don’t enjoy.  This means delegation or trading the task for something you do enjoy or can tolerate.  Find that virtual assistant or family member or friend who you can hand off these tasks to so you can invest your time in activities that you do enjoy and are good at.
  3. Eliminate perfectionism.  Perfectionism is a surefire way to stay trapped in incompletion and procrastination. You’ll put something off until you can do it perfectly. STOP!!!!!!!! It isn’t going to happen.  Go for good enough and move on.  Go for as they say in blue collar comedy, “Git’ er done.”
  4. Finish what you start.  Are you a starter but not a finisher?  It seems like 70% of the globe is afflicted with this challenge while the other 30% are finishers looking for starters.  (The good news is that it takes far fewer finishers to complete what starters put in the works.) Before you launch any new project, agenda, or task, be sure that you have completely closed out any other open ones.  Otherwise you will wind up like a dear friend of mine with 11 home improvement projects and counting… and none any closer to completion than the first one he began.
  5. Get a maid.  Maybe you don’t have this particular procrastination…. I personally think, even as a non-procrastinator… this is a wonderful idea….

Well, that is it… any more suggestions?

Coffee????  I’ll bet you procrastinators don’t procrastinate on this…. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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  1. I love the maid idea, and I even know of a VERY affordable one — but I’ve been procrastinating about making the arrangements to “get’er done.” Ouch! That’s the kind that really hurts because it’s just plain silly! Thanks for the reminder!

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