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A little “how to” on how to bring about change… a little about “well-being”

Civil issues, social issues, global issues, moral issues….why are there so much pain the world?  Why is there so much suffering and wars…and lack of respect for life?

Some of the events and circumstances we seem to be concerned about: (list compiled by doing a couple of quick searches in the news; I listed them in some sort of category along with their most common causes, highly abbreviated.  This is by no means scientific – just a “do you get the idea”?)

Moral issues: dolphin killings, ozone layer, animal rights, endangered species, nuclear testing

Mass killings: genocides, holocausts, massacres, bloodbaths, mass tortures

Teens: suicides, pregnancies, drugs, guns, car accidents, drop-outs, gangs

Global: wars, famine, disease, floods,

Prejudices:  race, sex, sexual preference, body types and shapes, nationalities, cultures

I am sure the list could go on and on and on… but you get the idea…don’t you?  They are listed here simply to bring attention to some of the many things we so sincerely dislike or would like to change or would like to get rid of so that “well-being” could truly abound.  But, then, would it?

Actually (in my opinion)…no.  Although well-being is the predominate frequency of every being in this or any other reality…it will never completely take over for one simple reason:  Physicality is a training ground for discernment… this is one of the things we came here to learn.

However, even though we may never completely stop all negative events, we can most assuredly help to lessen them, turn them around, make them less devastating and yes, in some instances, eradicate them altogether so that greater and greater well-being can occur. We do this by changing the way we think about world events or moral issues, which means that ultimately we will change the way we feel.  Not only will such changes affect the event for the better, but will strongly influence our own personal lives as well.

We have the opportunity to stop… stop…. Our interminable negative focus on what we deem to be negative events or circumstances, “Isn’t it terrible?” “What will we do?” “They’ve always been against us!” “What they’re doing is awful!” “How very sad.”  Those kinds of vibrations flowing from us will do nothing but make bad situations worse.  Then, as we compound our own negative energy and focus will millions of others who are being so negatively impacted by our media, “bad” things on this planet have no chance whatsoever of turning around, improving, ceasing or even lessening.

Our job, then, is to find ways to rethink, and then re-feeeeeeeel these events.  We can best do that be realizing that every soul on this planet came here to learn something and that sometimes those choices seem mindlessly harsh to us.  If we will flow quiet joy instead of “ain’t it awful” ness, allowance instead of hatred, “It’s going to be all right” instead of “oh, I’m so sorry.” Gratitude to the planet instead of agony over her plunder, if we will simply make an effort to feeeeeeeeel differently, we can change the world… one by one… not to mention our own lives….

Pretty darn heavy for so early in the am….. but I certainly believe we can all make a difference… each one of us… now… I will make a difference by supporting the coffee company in joyous celebration of this hot cup of coffee…. Yum!!!

2 thoughts on “A little “how to” on how to bring about change… a little about “well-being””

  1. Completely agree!!! NOt always so easy when one is going through his/her own issues, especially emotionally! So hold thy tongue and don’t share the judgment in those situations…again, not always easy.

  2. I love how you are able to put things I believe into clear words! It’s truly inspiring for me!!

    I especially love the idea of flowing the energy of “it’s going to be all right” and gratitude rather than the less helpful “I’m so sorry” or worse joining them in feeling their pain.

    I wish this could be taught to kids in kindergarden! Wouldn’t that be something?!?

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