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My journey into the “Dark Side”

 Really, this isn’t what you think…. These were my daughter’s words… She gave me a tattoo for my 65th birthday.  She posted on facebook that she was bringing her mom over to the “Dark Side”. Oh MY!!!

Parenting Hidi has been a learning experience for me – such growth for me all bundled into a tiny little 6 lb. individual when she arrived… this individual apparently chose me for many learning lessons…..I think this soul was just waiting and plotting for me to show up pregnant so she could begin.  Oh, dear… the stories I could tell, but for now, I will get off my “random bus” and get on with today’s blog.

As I said, I got a tattoo last Friday –actually I am NOW not judgmental about tattoos, but when Hidi wanted one – way back when, I really baulked.  Tattoos were (to me) – Hell’s Angels riding on big black bikes… Judgmental? You think? (That is sarcasm).   After much, much badgering, I finally realized it was a losing battle with Hidi – she was 18 and really could get one, anyway.  I agreed – IF the place was clean and IF the tattoo was placed “where the sun didn’t shine”. (Oh, my, the rules — gawd, how very arrogant of me).  She had designed her tattoo – sunflowers to be placed on her side torso.

So off we went — and to my surprise and amazement, the establishment was cleaner and brighter than any dentist offices I’d been in and the artist wasn’t a “Hell’s Angel” but an individual who put cleanliness to an art form.

Hidi is a trooper – when she is determined, well, no one can even come close to her determination.  Who, by the way, convinced us she needed pierced ears when she was 3.  We agreed IF she paid for it herself and If she didn’t cry.  Tall order?  Nope, she got out her piggy bank, marched over to us and informed us it was “nuf”.  She got her ears pierced that day and didn’t cry… so, it didn’t surprise me that she buckled up and didn’t even grimace during the 3-4 hour placement of the sunflowers.

So, my judgment of tattoos, etc. mellowed out that day – to the extent that I thought that someday, perhaps I might consider one.  I certainly didn’t know what or where, but I knew someday that I’d get one.

So nearly 20 years later, Hidi called me and tells me that she is getting me a tattoo for my b’day.  Somehow my common sense was still on vacation and I immediately agreed.  I hesitated for a moment when I hung up the phone and thought, “what would others say?”… but only for a millisecond… I realized that I really didn’t care. Man!!! Now, that is growth.

We met later that day with a tattoo artist who does custom work… I really had no idea of what I wanted – I did know the placement would have to be on my lower leg – because that is about the only thing on me that doesn’t sag.  (See how waiting until one is older to get one – you know where you are going to sag.)  Graydon Payne, the artist, just talked to us…. And through the conversation we decided on waves and Loren suggested a turtle.  A couple of days later, Graydon presented us with a drawing and I “got” it the next day.  My family was with me during my “transformation”… since my calf is pretty numb from my 1991 accident, I had very little pain except for my HUGE lack of patience and the position my leg had to be in.  The procedure took nearly 4 hours (I was finished in 10 minutes) and if you know me at all… you will know that it is totally “me”… the wave is red (my favorite color)… (I get most of my “other worldly” information from waves….) the turtle is blue and detailed exquisitely… (I have collected turtles all my life – not live ones).

I have always hated my legs… let’s not go into therapy right now and just state that… and since my numerous accidents, they are big masses of scars, but now I can look down on them as see something of beauty – and I smile.

I also smile at the “gifts” Hidi has given me in all the opportunities to look at my previous judgments although I am certainly still “a work in progress”.  There will be a time when I share all the opportunities that my son, Sean, has given me… children do sometimes have such a task in teaching us parents….

Ahh, for now I am off… coffee is calling my name (which, by the way is another vice my children “drove” me to, but this time, it was the children I taught not birthed)…


6 thoughts on “My journey into the “Dark Side””

  1. Quite a beautiful tattoo and quite a breakout/breakthrough of previously limiting beliefs based on judgement and fear!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the story behind the tattoo! Can’t wait to see it in real life & not just in pictures.

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