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Light… do you have enough light in your life?

Photography is an interesting art form.  At its core, it is entirely about light.  How much light reflected from the world around us dictates what our picture looks like.  As a photographer, you have nearly total control over how much light you choose to see, what quality the light is and what you choose to see with that light.  In total darkness, photography is phenomenally uninteresting, but rarely are you ever photographing in total darkness, unless you leave the lens cap on.  Even on the darkest of nights, there is enough ambient light to take a photo.

Don’t believe it?  If you have a camera that can hold open the shutter and a solid tripod, set it up facing out a window one night and press the shutter.  It may be a minute or two before you hear the shutter close, but when you look at the result, you will see quite a bit. As long as the camera is undisturbed, you will have a photo that looks shockingly like the daytime, even when your own eyes struggle to see.

This makes for an interesting metaphor for your life, doesn’t it?  It is not that there isn’t enough light in your life so much as it is your eyes, heart and spirit might not be open wide enough to pick it up.  A camera set up to patiently wait in the middle of the darkest night can see as if it were day.

If there is not enough light in your life, plunk yourself down like the camera on a tripod, stop the chaos around you, take a whole bunch of deep breaths and open up your eyes.  Don’t think – just wait, watch, breathe and see if your mental and emotional lens can find the light that is already there.

The light is there, just waiting for you…. And there is plenty of it….

Well, enough for today… I believe I see the light on in the kitchen and I see the coffee is finished brewing….. Ah………………..

2 thoughts on “Light… do you have enough light in your life?”

  1. Lots of light where I live. Most of the time I see some of it. Lately busy with preserving food and don’t see as much. Have to remind myself to just sit, sit, sit. Man are the stars amazing at night time. Interesting share today Diane.

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