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Is Death just a cosmic joke?

As long as we fear death, we retain a vibration of fear in the body disallowing our desires.  So how do we get over that universal fear? By realizing that we can’t kill energy.  We are energy… energy cannot be destroyed..  Death is only of the body, not of our SELF.  Death is only a change of frequency, a change of focus, a change of costumes.  We simply step from one frequency into another.

This unnatural fear of death is a leaned response from people who desired to control us with that very same fear.  But the truth is we don’t die, we just disconnect from the disconnection in which we’ve been living.  Then we reemerge into full nonphysical empowerment.  But the point of our being here is to learn to have that empowerment IN the body, not wait until we’re outta here.

Remember, the YOU of YOU never quits.  It is forever.  You can’t kill the life force you are, any more than you can kill consciousness.

So start living….

Short and sweet today… but do think about it… For now, my living in the NOW includes going and getting a cuppa joe.

2 thoughts on “Is Death just a cosmic joke?”

  1. I had the honor of helping someone I knew from church and school cross over several years ago. The funny thing was, I had left the church quite a few years before he died and had not seen much of him since we’d graduated high school. He was so very afraid of Judgement Day and would not cross over right away. Having seen the transition from that viewpoint helped me lose a lot of the fear I had had to that point. The aspect of death I struggle with is the loss of physical touch.

  2. This is one area for me that the indoctrination never took, thank goodness! Nearly everyone in my life who has died has clearly moved on from what had become a very difficult existence in this life; so I was always very clear that they were in a better “place” wherever that might be. It just never did seem natural to fear it; only the possible pain of a lingering death seemed scary.

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