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Reacting… do you react…..?

Whatever problem we are into, whatever, “don’t want” is in our face, whatever we see around us that we don’t like doesn’t mean a bloody thing; our response to it is all that matters.  As long as we continue looking only at what is, we are attracting more of that by achieving vibrational harmony with it.  Any negative situation is nothing more than an opportunity to decide what you “do” want, and then get on with it.

We are, unfortunately, far more aware of conditions (past, present and potential) than we are of our own energy flow.  So here are some on-liners to ease our way out of negative focus and into empowerment.

  • We’re always going to respond to conditions, but we have a choice as to how: open mind or closed mind.
  • If you don’t like a condition, don’t try to change it.  Instead challenge either your focus or your energy, preferably both!
  • The purer the energy we are flowing, the better we feel.
  • The universe responds only to vibration, not words.
  • As long as we hold a “don’t want” in our vibration, we can never be a vibrational match to what we do want.
  • The more we give our attention to the things we want to EXclude,  in INclude them in our vibrations.
  • The better we feel, the better things go; the worse we feel, the worse things go, because what we’re focused on, we’re flowing and what we’re flowing, we’re attracting.
  • Nothing affects our experience except our energy flow.
  • When we can say, “I’m gonna keep my mind open regardless of the fool conditions.” we are incredibly free.
  • The more open your mind, the sooner unwanted conditions will change or vanish or no longer matter.
  • We are not here to be forever addicted to observing negative conditions; we are here to create our own experiences the way we desire them to be.

As long as we are reacting to conditions, something will always be wrong.

Think about it…. I am off to get some caffeine.

2 thoughts on “Reacting… do you react…..?”

  1. Wouldn’t it have been nice if they taught us this when we were kids in grade school? What could be more important – or easy – hey kids, you get more of what you focus on or pay attention to, so learn to spend more time thinking about and feeling good about those things you like … and you’ll get more of them! Poof, it’s almost like magic! Try it and see for yourself! 🙂

  2. And to me it’s not just reacting…it’s also simply the time and energy spent even thinking about what you want more of (and especially thinking with feeling about it) vs. what you don’t want.

    I like the suggestions for negative things that are hard to stop thinking badly about to 1) try to find a slightly better thought about it (e.g. if you are angry about something, could you move it to simply annoyed?); and 2) instead of dwelling on that negative thought, move to a completely different area that you feel great about (like your grandkids) and spend some time raising your overall vibration by enjoying thinking about them!

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