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Meaningfulness… we all want to matter…leading by example

What has been most meaningful or exciting for you this past month…either in your personal or professional life?  One of my most heartwarming moments was at my daughter’s gathering for Father’s Day the other day.  Our grandson, Carson, was busily playing with his legos.. our granddaughter, Veta, was playing with her dollhouse. When we got ready to leave, Hidi “invited” the grandkids to be gracious hosts…  Carson (who is 4) came up to us and said, “Thank you grandma and Grandpa for coming to our house and taking time to spend the day with us.”  Veta immediately said, “Me too…(she is only two).  Both of the kids gave us big hugs, followed by hugs from Hidi and Casey.

Now, that was meaningful… it totally made my day and made me feel special.  It got me to thinking… I wonder if I have that kind of impact on others?????  I will probably never have the answer to that, but I do know that Hidi was “modeling” good behavior and good habits with her kids…  Perhaps what we always taught our kids – treat others how you’d like to be treated sunk in a bit.  Perhaps we did something right as parents…

I never had a mom (she died when I was 4) so when I became a mom, I hadn’t had any previous experience of someone modeling “mom” for me to follow.  So what I did was “mom” how I would liked to have been “momed”. So let’s translate that to everyday life…  Let’s treat others how we want to be treated… let’s “lead” by example… In business, we can put ourselves in the “shoes” of the client and treat the clients, patients, (whatever) how you want to be treated.  As a client, patient, whatever… put ourselves into the role of the boss, the practitioner, etc. and treat the boss, etc. how we would want to be treated… and so on.

Wouldn’t things be different?  …and it all starts with each of us modeling good, ethical, honest, (etc) behaviors… Wow…

My modeling right now consists of showing you how good a cup of coffee is early in the morning…. Can’t you just smell it?  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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