Trip — Day 1

Isn’t technology great?  Here I am… in the car typing on my laptop… connected wirelessly to the internet… my goodness – a long way from my youth and the horse and buggy days!!!! Now smile….  We started our “roadtrip” at around 7 this morening… i lured Loren and Sean out with a 24 oz freshly brewed latte… we are now appraching the Washington/Idaho border and will hit our second range of mts… We left 50 degree weather in Seattle but as soon as we crossed over the Cascades, it started warming up and our layered clothing started coming off… wonder what we will have left on once we hit the midwest????  hmmmmmm  Hidi (our daughter) did her first 1/2 marathon in Seattle this morning (yes, bad parenting on our  part not to be there to cheer her on… but we were there in spirit and her husband and kids were there to cheer her on… )  Wejust heard from her that she finished… whoopee.  Since she just came down with a case of shingles… this was probably quuite a feat…

So… on we goooooo hitting the next mt range…. I will check in tomorrow….  yes, lots and lots and lots of coffee…

2 thoughts on “Trip — Day 1”

  1. Hope you won’t suffer from a lack of GOOD Coffee on your roadtirp! Hard to find a Starbucks in the mountains. Wouldn’t want you to run out of that Scandinavian fuel at the high altitudes.
    Wow, great job Hidi!…ooo shingles…ouch!

  2. Wow making great time !!! Congratz to Miss Hidi i’m in awwwww of her stamina and energy !!!


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