So… more buzz about auric fields…..

So the human aura is both an energy field and a reflection of the subtle life energies within the body.  These energies make us what we are in, in turn, are affected by our surroundings and life styles.  The aura reflects our health, mental activity and emotional state.  It also shows disease, often long before the onset of symptoms.

Close to the skin is the etheric aura.  It is seen as a narrow bland that outlines the body, usually no more than a half an inch wide (but it really varies by the person).  It looks like smoke clinging to the body.  This is the visible part of the etheric body in its contracted state.  During sleep the etheric body expands and opens to absorb energy (cosmic energy?) or life force.  The etheric is better name the vitality sheath. After sleep it contracts again and forms a sheath around the body close to the skin holding the less dense, subtle bodies with it.

The main aura is banded around the body – strata like.  Imagine a person with thick, colored hoops of light dropped over them … get the idea?  These colors emanate from the chakras.  Basic energy is drawn up from the planet through the feet and fed into the chakras, much like a plant does with water.  Each chakra is a transformer that generates energy of a different type and color.  Of course, the opposite also happens, universal energy is drawn down from the 9th,8th, 7th chakras into the body…  The strength of each chakra depends on the person’s nature and life style.  Together they generate the dominant hue of the aura.

The main aura is photo-sensitive and expands in sunlight as the etheric body does during sleep.  The aura’s chakra system is like a tree…Energy/nutrient is drawn up through the feet/roots (and down through the head) and fed through the body/truck to the chakras/leaves.

The aura is sensitive to color.  It reacts to the colors of clothing worn and to that of its surroundings.  This accounts for our natural likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing the colors that surround us. Colors are widely used in hospitals and institutions to calm agitated people and put them at ease.  Pink is the most calming color for this.  There is a whole science devoted to the use of colors.  This is called color healing or color therapy.

It is impossible to get a clear view of the aura though clothing.  The auric colors of the clothes react with the person’s aura, causing the interference that block and changes the aura.  For example: a blue shirt will flood the natural aura with yellow.  Even neutrally colored clothes will dim the aura making it difficult to see.  I am telling you this, just to be aware… ok?

Disease:  This shows up in the aura in many different ways, sometimes days or weeks before any physical symptoms.  An ear infection, for example, will show up as a shadow over the ear before any symptoms appear.  This shadow will gradually change into a murky, khaki green.  As the infection takes hold, it will become shot through with red and orange flecks.  Khaki and murky green with red and orange flecks is common to this kind of infection.  Of course, there is a whole boatload of information about this if you choose to study it in depth.

Death:  When a person is dying the aura changes… it gets lighter and lighter, until it disappears at the moment of death… then expands to a sky-blue with silver sparks…..

Just a bit more…

Spiriutal aura can be seen as flames or clouds even sometimes as smooth spikes stretching towards the heavens… the dominant sprititual color is the color that – a person will be operating from… spiritually this is not the emotions or mental or disease or anything other than spiritual….

  • Blue: relaxed and balanced
  • Electric blue: transmitting or receiving telepathic communications
  • Turquoise: a person who is projecting and influencing others
  • Green: healers
  • Yellow: teachers
  • Orange: teachers of teachers
  • Red: creative thinkers
  • Pink: love… universal love….if mixed with red.. an anchor
  • Brown: confused
  • Gray: imbalance
  • Sulfur: pain, angry
  • White: blend of all
  • Black: trailblazing into the void, the unknown

The size of the aura can be different… it can be about 2 feet (which is about normal) to the whole room… depends on the person and personality…


  • Fuzzy – shows a person that has a hard time living in boundaries
  • Wall – shows a person that has built a wall to block others out
  • Spiky – shows a person that is defensively trying to protect themselves from being hurt by others… this is found around victims
  • Even – a person that is health and balanced

Guess this enough for today…. hope this gave you a bit of information about the energy around us…. Thanks for spending time with me today.

For me… java time….

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  1. As always, excellent blog! This and the last are printing off for me “keep it handy” information book.

  2. This is always so kewl you know whats going on in the body without medical technology.

  3. This is VERY helpful info!! In our aura-seeing practice, then, I would guess it would be pretty natural to just start out seeing the colorless etheric aura, right? Any tips as to how to then move into beginning to see the colors of the main aura?

    Fascinating about how the colors of the clothes make a difference. No wonder I always feel so good in my purple. The aura probably changes throughout the day after dealing with many people, places and things, too, huh? I’d heard that bathing at the end of a day is a good idea for this reason.

    Thanks for the fun and useful info!!

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