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So, does whether other people learn their lessons or not…. Your business???????

It sometimes seems as though we sometimes get sidetracked from our own “paths” and start looking around to see if others are going forward… are doing their lessons… this is when we all get into trouble… we get sidelined…it is only when we are totally interested in learning our own lessons in life and are not attached in the slightest whether or not other people learn their lessons is when we can achieve our own individual realization.

I don’t think it is out of judgment that we start getting sidetracked… it is usually out of concern.  But… we have to realize that each person does his/her own path according to their free-will choices.  It isn’t up to us to decide for another person (unless asked, of course)…. 

The true test of this will come when we are in conflict with another person.  The negative ego will want to teach that person a lesson.  The negative ego cannot imagine not striking back and giving that person a piece of their mind.  The negative ego cannot imagine being attacked and remaining silent.  The negative ego cannot imagine turning the other cheek and just giving unconditional love.  However, you are not your negative ego…. You are your higher self.  So choose… higher road or lower road…

Summing up this morning… nope, it isn’t up to us whether others learn their lessons…it really isn’t our business…….. we really all have quite a bit to do just doing our own….

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, think I smell coffee a’brewing…..  Close your eyes, take a deep breath… smell it??????

5 thoughts on “So, does whether other people learn their lessons or not…. Your business???????”

  1. Hmm–can’t smell coffee but a hot chocolate would sure go nice this AM–it got COLD! Brr. I think I will need to write down the point about how I am not my negative ego and carry it with me to help with conflicts–while I have made some strides in letting others do their thing–it is still one of those works in progress that still needs lots of work 🙂 But thanks for the reminder!! Happy Friday.

  2. Such a good reminder, indeed. I wonder if we should even make it our business if asked in many cases. I was just listening to some self-confessed “caretakers” yesterday who were talking about how unhealthy that behavior can be for all concerned. But it’s a hard habit to break and handy for avoiding having to deal with one’s own stuff.

  3. Very good question………… I had a client today going through this issue…………

  4. Thanks for the reminder. It had never occurred to me that the impetus behind such distractions is rooted in caring for others. I often do this and regret how much of my own energy is lost as a result. You are so right, so many choose to be in their negative situations, even if not intentionally, that we have to remember that their problems are part of their chance to evolve and not meant for us to solve.

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