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Oh! Dear! I hear voices….Meditate or Medicate?????

So let’s distinguish between meditate and medicate.  Distinctions are subtleties of language that cause a shift in a belief, behavior, value or attitude.  What a big difference just one letter makes.

We medicate in order NOT to feel, NOT to hear, NOT to see…. We use TV, food, sex, drugs, alcohol or medication (over the counter and prescription).  We even use so called positive addictions like exercise and work.  It doesn’t matter what we use, the point of medication is to AVOID feeling, hearing, seeing, etc. something we are fearful of feeling, seeing, hearing, etc.; afraid that if we feel, see or hear (etc.) it fully, we may be overwhelmed by our emotions… or be thought of as crazy.  Rarely does medication help us progress.  Some of the most gifted folks (psychic, etc) I know try to mask, get “rid of the 6th senses somehow”, and deny their talents by some kind of medication…

Meditation is almost the other extreme.  It allows, no – actually demands – that we feel, see, hear (all of your senses) something fully and in the “doing” discover there is nothing to fear!!!  Meditation is the process of going beyond time and space thinking to the full-on experience of nothingness (no-thing-ness), of all-that-is, of Unity, of god, of whatever label you choose to use for the un-labelable – Is, the nameless NOW or Universal Mind.  It is where you discover that Nothing is Everything.  Being in your mind is the source of your fears, which might call for medication.  Being “out of your mind”, and beyond your fears, is the result of meditation.

Meditation in the above writing could include classic meditation, prayer, visualization, journaling, tai chi, yoga, biking, painting, dancing, walking or whatever means you use to quiet the mind.

Every person has his/her own rituals and ideas about meditation.  Of course, before you can begin to meditate, you have to believe there is some sort of a higher power… universal energy. Prayer is different from meditation and visualization. Meditation is the listening from which information is gathered.  Visualization is actually creating a mental scenario that can be manifested both mentally or physically.  Prayer is the actual request that affects the results of meditation.  Prayer and meditation are actually opposites of each other, while the visualization process is the balance between them.  Prayer is centered in the left-brain, meditation is centered in the right-brain and visualization is centered in the pineal gland.

So that is it, folks… you decide… mask your 6th sense(s) – your gifts – your talents – by medication or use them via meditation??? The choice is yours.

I choose meditation… today – walking by the water with waves coming up off the shore… but first… I probably should get dressed, huh?  C-o-f-f-e-e

4 thoughts on “Oh! Dear! I hear voices….Meditate or Medicate?????”

  1. Fun! I especially like how broadly you define both medication & meditation. It seems so righr on to me. I wonder why it isn’t thoght of that way more often. Maybe because it would force us all to be more present & participate fully without excuses? It would sure be a more interesting world! I think I’ll try living in that one today! Thanks!!

  2. I am always amazed at how some people can’t ever just be, they need external stimulation all the time.
    If they have external stimulation, then they don’t have to be with themselves or think about themselves.
    I find quite is great. I love to read a book, or write, or maybe play some solitaire. Then I realize this is just quite external stimulation, and a form of medication, as your article points out.
    I try and meditate, be present, and bring my focus into awareness. It is interesting how scary sometimes it is to just be.

  3. How many years have I known you and I’ve never heard you talk about the differences between prayer, meditation, and visualization–especially where they are centered in the brain? Can you say more about visualization being in the pineal gland? Also, is there a process we do that is centered in the carotid gland?

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