How I get inspiration for blogging

So I am keeping my commitment to you… remember yesterday, when I said what commitment are you willing to make?  Well back in January, I made a commitment to not only finally write in this blog that had been set up for a couple of years, but to actually write in it every day….  So, today I am going to talk about inspiration and in particular, my strategies for getting inspiration for blog posts and overcoming writer’s block.

According to the Google Dictionary, Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas.  I like looking up dictionary definitions.  It is a great way to actually focus on the core meaning of a word and also it is one of my inspiration techniques, but not one of the ones I want to focus on today.

In this post I have come up with 9 of my best strategies for coming up with blog post ideas.  My strategies for getting inspiration:

  1. Review my blog comments.  By far the best way I find for coming up with new ideas for blog posts is to review my blog comments or the emails I get to see what you guess are looking for, need help with or just are thinking about.  Every time you give me a question, answering that question is a potential blog post.  If you don’t write to me, I may scan other comments from other blog posts to see what kinds of questions/concerns are being talked about.  If I have had an opinion which I have talked about and have changed my mind… I could  post a “I was wrong about….”
  2. Forums… forums have an almost everlasting supply of blog post ideas.  What is more, if you pick the right topic and there are a lot of comments, you almost have the whole post written for you.  Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration as forums usually have even worse spelling and grammar than even I do, but with good imagination and a good title I am off to a flying start.
  3. Talk about my mistakes.  Every mistake I make in life is a learning opportunity… I readily admit them and talk about them and perhaps give you some insights if you have had similar “mistakes”.
  4. God for a walk… or a bike ride (still wishful thinking).. Ok, so I am struggling to come up with ideas and the more I think, the more I am stuck…a blank screen is not my friend somedays…. Since I am never about giving up, but sometimes I just have to obey my body… if I am tired, I will relax a bit; if I am fed-up, I will go for a walk.  Anthony Robbins says that “motion puts the “e” in emotion” and that by physically changing your state (place), you can instantaneously change your frame of mind, mood or emotional state. Changing your environment, doing something different and having funs for a bit is a great way to unleash the creative brain cells. 
  5. Get off the computer – sorta related to #4, but let’s take it a step further… I will stay off the computer for a day… then the ideas will just buzz around my head… I get pen and paper… and jot down the ideas as they come to me. 
  6. Go to events… well, I am not very good with actually doing the “do” on this one… but instead of going to events… I “attend” various webinars… about most any subject… and man, do I get ideas from them.
  7. Use Twitter/Social Media to get trending topics….  So what are people tweeting about?
  8. TV, books, magazines, movies…All of those have no end of inspiration and ideas… as I read, I think… would any of you have an interest in this topic?
  9. Keep a file of titles and headlines…. I keep a notebook – filled to the brim… and I try not to misplace it… if I do, I start another… you’d be surprised how many of these notebooks I have in various places….

So there you have it… that is how I get enough topics for my never ending babbling… hopefully given you some inspiration to perhaps start you a ‘blogging…. If you do blog, please send me your URL…

I’m about worded out… Nap? Walk? Or coffee???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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