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Free vs. Value…..

So, the big question is…. Does “free” have value????  We’ve been hit with this conundrum for years…  one of the first big hurdles we had when we started our healing business was that many people had the mindset that all healing work should be free…particularly spiritual healing work.   I really never did understand this because the medical profession charges….    It never was the question of not believing in what we do (and yes, we get nay-sayers, but that isn’t the issue here)… it was more the question of why do you charge?  Why don’t you do it free?

Well, we have found out that in our society today that FREE has NO VALUE.  It has no urgency.  Nothing.  Free is Frrrrrrreeeee…   You can’t create urgency or value just by saying “hey it’s FREE.”  And we know that all of us are the same.  We go on value, not on price.  Yet, heck, the price of free is free.  So where did that value go?  It just slid down the drain.

So when you charge someone $500 for a workshop, you can be darned sure that every seat paid for is taken.  And yet, when the very same workshop, with the very same bells and whistles is offered free, what happens?  Who knows what happens?  All I can tell you is that there will have been a lot of reservations made… but when the time comes for the workshop… many, many, many empty chairs… free=no value. People do not have a commitment when the information is offered for nothing or free.

If a person goes to a practitioner and the practitioner tells him to do “something”; this person will pay the practitioner and do what the practitioner tells him to because he paid for the time of the practitioner, it may be a prescription to fill, physical therapy, more tests, etc.  The time is valuable… the person expects to pay… with money (or insurance or whatever – the practitioner gets paid). 

But now you have a workshop with valuable information, that is useable… you advertise is “Free”….  You will get a lot of takers, but because it is free… no commitment.  They may come or they may not… depends upon how the person feels at the time.  It has nothing to do with the information but has everything to do with the word “free”.

In the world of the internet… and internet marketing… you have access to all sorts of “free” information, materials, webinars, teleconferences, etc.   The folks running them tell me they have to offer things for free or no one will ever get to know them… they create mailing lists, etc. from the “free” material, which in turn they will offer things for money.  They seem to think that if they get 1000 responses, perhaps 50 will tune into the material (which is probably top notch stuff)… but in the free message will be all sorts of hooks to buy or enhance the free material… the free material is the first ingredient… you pay for the rest.  Bait????? Then switch….  So out of the 50, they will get 2 or three to buy.    This is the “new” (supposedly if you read any of the premier bloggers) way of doing things… give something away for FREE and bait the participants to spend money….

So it is really all about energy exchange, right?  If you don’t have an energy exchange when you “get” something… it has no value…. Back in the early years when Mikaeo Usui  brought Reiki Healing into our world in 1922…he used to “give it away”… you know, the old “healing has to be free” idiom???  Well, he would go back to an area after he had spend months healing with Reiki – and see the same people with the same ailments…. He discovered that without an energy exchange of some kind, folks who received the healings did not put value on the healings….

The same is true today… if someone gets something for nothing… nothing has no value… so until we change society’s thinking… Free is exactly that… worth nothing.

Since I paid for the coffee beans… they have value…. (ha)…. Think I will have a cup….. and, man, do I value it this morning!!!!! Thanks for spending time with me…

4 thoughts on “Free vs. Value…..”

  1. In todays world the person(people) who are providing others a service/healing/mentoring etc. must sustain their own needs and make a living in order to be available to be of service.
    The commitment of the person seeking a service or services is an important component of the foundation being created to support the work that is to be done.
    I also have worked with teachers/practitioners who came from the position that receiving any money would taint the exchange and could compromise their long term ability to be a vehicle for healing.
    These people have all passed on and came from a different time that has very little relevance to the world and times we are living in today.


  2. Great explanation of the phenomenon, and all without even mentioning “cognitive dissonance” which backs you up completely. In fact it goes on to say, if a person paid a LOT for that workshop their logical brain will create value even if there really isn’t any … even to the point where if the “guru” says to risk their life, they just might do it … in part because that guru must know what they are talking about if they charge that much, right? Look at all the other people here who think so. What a crazy world! So, topic for another day is, how do you tell the difference? Any tips for us? Thanks!!

  3. Energy must balance. There needs to be an equal energy exchange for balance and neutrality to exist. I like how you bring the concept of energy exchange into the equation, I think this is often overlooked.

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