So, when did God die and put you in charge of judgment?

Have you ever felt like I do today…  that God must have “died” and put a few evidently very special folks in charge of judging?  I totally “get” that everyone has a right to think and do whatever they choose…. but sometimes it gets very trying to continually “hear” from self-described extremely spiritual people (you did notice that I said self-described, didn’t you?) that you aren’t doing it right… or that you have “fallen asleep” at the helm… all because you aren’t doing what “they” think you should do….   When did God die and put them in charge of me?

Or in the political arena… if you happen to differ from them – on say – health care – you have something wrong with you, there is something wrong with your “thinking”.  I am not a terribly political person… I study the proposals and make decisions based upon what is right for me… and vote.  I am certainly not a “political party person”… I have been known to vote for various candidates across party lines… what I don’t get is why when one party is in charge; the other party is against EVERYTHING.  This time, these “god” people do affect me… their naysaying is affecting me getting some kind of insurance.  This new bill isn’t perfect… and, many folks don’t even know what is in it, listen to other naysayers, and blast their judgments and/or opinions all over the place, again without knowing what is going on.  I just want these “god” folks to decide what is best for themselves and shut up.  …and believe it or not, I am actually in balance, this is my opinion only.  I do get to walk away…. Walk away Diane, walk away… go find some coffee…. Perhaps if I walk far and long enough I will be eligible for Medicare (opps, that is a government run program, right?) I have to be very careful getting off my “high horse” because I don’t want to fall and hurt myself … I don’t have insurance!!!!

3 thoughts on “So, when did God die and put you in charge of judgment?”

  1. I have not followed much in the main stream media I.E. the health care debate and ultimate passage of the new bill because often what is promised is far from what ultimately is implemented.
    I hope that the new legislation may help you access insurance!
    I have found that most spiritual people and the groups or communities they associate with feel they have the inside track on “the God thing” or what is the “right or true way” to be spiritual often sitting in judgment on anything or anyone that does not fall in line with their belief system.
    Over the years and after many such encounters with such people and/or groups I have become increasingly comfortable flying solo!(Not always comfortable actually but still committed to charting my own course)!

  2. Your last two blogs really relate to each other–not planned of course! ha ha by judging people you really are not respecting them–you gave us a lot to think about. Thanks

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