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So do you REALLY wanna channel?

The Benefits:

  • You’ll never be lonely again in your lifetime.
  • You will never “get away” with anything again.  No slipshod work ever again.  Nothing underhanded ever again.  No more gossip (or you will be called out immediately).  You will become known as Ms. or Mr. Goodie Two Shoes.
  • You’re going to have the benefit of getting a second opinion anytime you ask (sometimes when you don’t ask) for those things you are working on, even as mundane as which end of the house to start cleaning first.
  • You’ll be able to talk to folks in spirit who include personalities, writers, dignitaries, scientists, movie stars, singer and your relatives, adding to that those relatives of friends and neighbors who’ve passed on.  Include animals in this group, also.
  • You’ll be dallying with table tipping – séance like (snicker here), meditation, with lucid dreaming and with shamanic journeys.  You’ll discover all sorts of interesting ways to explore these inner realms.
  • The guides will amuse you with quips as you make your way through your regular everyday life.
  • You’ll find a peace that is hard to come by.
  • You’ll probably have a closer connection to the universe than you’ve ever had before.
  • Being a channeler is not going to solve all of your problems.  What it will do is for you to develop a little more maturity and allow you to go about the business of solving your own problems in a really creative fashion.

The Pitfalls:

  • You will have no privacy. None.
  • You’re going to be opening yourself up to some pretty fantastic experiences.  Some of them you might not be able to understand or even control.  You might feel out of control and frightened for a period of time.
  • Are you superstitious?  Because if you are, right away I can tell you that you’ll probably have some major difficulties to overcome.
  • Are you very set in your beliefs?  Do you believe there is evil afoot and good aplenty for those who work hard and deserve it?  Because if you do, you are also in for a rocky road.
  • You are going to be faced with a great deal of emotional and psychological growth.  Period.  No way around this.  Be prepared.  How?  Just be willing to take yourself off to a therapist if need be.  This stuff is really potent.
  • Are you already under a psychiatrist’s care?  Then, don’t do this.  This will really weird them out and put you on medication which would, in turn, block your ability. Turn away and pay somebody $150 for a reading.   Do not follow this road.
  • Your family might get really concerned about what you are doing.  It might take years for them to accept that you have this ability.
  • Once you make a connection to spirit in this manner, there is no turning back.  There is no turning it off.  It is a commitment for the rest of your life.  You have to have a pretty strong personality.
  • It is not the job of the folks in spirit to answer all of your questions..  If you are looking for a fast track to an easy life, this isn’t it.

And here is a note for you about the responsibilities of the spirit guides toward those who would learn to channel:  we do not keep you from your tremendously embarrassing moments.  We will not prevent you from taking a false step.  We do not see, from our vantage point, a difference between good or bad.  It is all one.  And, we work with what we have got.  Meaning, if you are a bush with a few bristles missing, who are we to complain?

You will come across many different kinds of people who channel.  Interestingly enough, if two people where to channel the same entity, that entity would sound different coming from both of them.  From one person the entity would be very matter of fact, giving few options for deviations from a prescribed course of study while the other person might come out with a playful conversation involving much experimentation.  Same entity.  Different channels.  This happens even when the channels are experienced and has as much to do with the kind of a person the channel is.

So a good place to begin with is channeling your higher self…  it is a good opportunity to ask yourself what is going on… and you being able to listen to “your higher” guidance.  Start by taking a deep breath.  Be in a place where you won’t be disturbed for a bit.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and with the intention of seeing into your own heart of hearts… sink a little bit, now just a little bit more… into your heart.  This is sort of imaginary thing you are doing.  You are sinking past the professional you.  You are sinking past the “whatever age you are” version of you.  You are sinking past the fabulous clubs you belong to… you are sinking into your heart.  This is the part of you that runs the ship.  This is the part of you that travels with you from one lifetime into the next.  This is the brains of the outfit.  Your heart of hearts.  (I don’t have another good name for this, so bear with me… it is your higher self).  You will get some answers here.

Now, that you are quiet and suck into a quiet meditative place – ask yourself, your higher self, some question that you had in mind prior to going into this state.  I think I will ask, “What is bothering me?”  Now wait for an answer.

The answer can come at you in a barrage of words.  The answer can come to you like it rises on the mist of dew evaporating in a new dawn’s light.  Softly it can come to you.  The answer can come to you as a flash of understanding.  The answer could in some way be connected to something that happened to you a long time ago.  You might not really understand what you are seeing or hearing or sensing.  But, you asked your heart of hearts (higher self) and you just got an answer.  Take a deep breath again and sit with what you just experienced. 

Now, ask yourself, “How did I get there?  How did this happen?  Did I really have any control over it?”  Experience the answer to these questions.

I never, never get an answer right away for myself…I always get answers when I least expect them… I may be talking on the phone, watching a show, cooking, etc…. it is at a totally unexpected time… but I always get answers….

Once you are comfortable with the above procedure, you can start trying to contact others through channeling.  A little known rule for all channeling is that you have to agree to let the entity in before it will come in and start relaying information.  If you are not comfortable with what you get, you can ask the entity to leave and it must do so upon request.  A common mistake with many channelers is that some get so rattled by what is coming through that they never demand that the entity leave.  This is not a good or a bad, sometimes the energies just aren’t a fit… or the vibration isn’t a fit…. Don’t judge… just ask for another guide to come through.

So, you are sitting in your quiet meditative place, and you have practiced clearing your mind.  When you are ready, ask either mentally or aloud for the guides to speak… believe it or not, this will come once you have got your basic relaxation techniques in place.  You can ask for someone specific or just ask for the highest beings of light you are capable of communicating with and see what you get.  Again, if you are not comfortable with what you get, do not hesitate to ask the guide to leave.

When you do connect with a guide, you will know it.  You might feel a numb or a tingling sensation or you may just be dimly aware of a “presence” and get messages and images telepathically.  You will be aware of your own body and surrounding in varying degrees.  Until you become practice, man of these messages received will be muddy, broken and even inaccurate, but with time they will become much clearer.  The key is learning how to get into that relaxed state and recognizing and acknowledging the input when it does come knocking.

On that note…. Thanks for joining me this morning….  I’m off….

4 thoughts on “So do you REALLY wanna channel?”

  1. I intend to begin following your guidelines.I have channeled before but hesitation and doubt complicated the process.
    Thanks Diane!!

  2. Me too! You make it make so much sense, I just have no doubt I can do this! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

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