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Just a bit more: Aura Damage caused by violence and damage done on the mental level

Continuing on our journey of negative energy exchanges, I will write some about how violence affects our energy field.  It is worth knowing that we can affect our auras by watching programs on television or at the movies that are full of violence and aggression or by listening to music that has an angry, disturbing sound.  Pornography, aggression and violence are all connected with the low chakras so they will be the ones affected.  Violent computer games may also damage the auric field.  Some countries don’t allow children’s cartoons to be anything but positive.

There is another type of external energy that can affect us and which can rip open your energy field.  This happens not only on the astral level, but also on the mental level.

This is a very serious energy imbalance, which occurs under external forces and is created when somebody consciously and deliberately channels negative emotions at you, accompanied by strong verbage.  In the first couple of blogs discussing the energy imbalances, the energy only leaked from the chakras.  In this imbalance, not only is your energy leaking but also it starts to vibrate at entirely on the wrong frequency for you.  Your aura starts to resonate according to someone else’s command.  It is as if you became “de-coded”. 

This type of energy imbalance is not created by magicians or witches but can be caused by people who are close to us.  It usually happens during a very powerful mutual psycho-emotional stress.  Let’s take the example of a competitive co-worker at work who is full of jealousy and envy towards you. At times when you are particularly run-down and stressed, this person can impulsively, from his/her deep core, shout direct, strong  ”You are a loser!” or “You are a bad worker!” or “You’ll never be a good boss!”  If this type of thing is said to you when you are in a weak energetic state, this outburst of negative energy directed at you can seriously affect your energy field.

People’s precious free will and their energy field become suppressed underneath another person’s energy and may become totally dependent on it.  This type of severe energy imbalance does not necessarily have to be caused by another person.  Unfortunately, more often than not, I see people themselves subject their own energy to such a destructive attack.  We very often become overloaded with the emotions of self-hate and self-denial, speaking in a destructive and careless manner to our own minds so we subconsciously reprogram ourselves from vibrating on higher, lighter frequencies.

Again, the to-do is to remember to protect yourselves… Gold Light… or whatever works for you.

Enough…. Coffee….. thanks for joining me today…..

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