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Honestly, I didn’t know…. A word from your sponsor

As I was writing the blogs on channeling the other day… I did quite a bit of research – trying to find out the information being presented to folks about channeling… books, magazines, blogs, website, general searches, etc.  I presented… and summed up much of what is out there… asking you to take the information that “fit” for you and tossing out the rest. Asking you to have an open mind and perhaps to try to figure out more about YOU.

In doing the writing of the blog – I realized something about me that I never realized before… it was a “light bulb” moment… (which, I still haven’t  determined good or bad)… I always thought of myself as a conscious channeler… I fit pretty much all the definitions of that “category”.  I do not center and ground (I actually should be that way all the time…hmmmm), I do not connect with anyone in particular (I am connected to something I call the 35 to the 35th – that is 35×35 – 35 times – someone just “shows” up who needs to “talk or has information – they are pretty much there all the time), I do not go into a trance, I do not get all quiet and serious, I do not change voices… I am (or thought) I was well aware of my surroundings and all that I “saying”. Well, perhaps… sometimes… other times… well, not so much.  I am sometimes asked at a later date, something I have said… Many times, I have no recollection… I remember talking to the person, but don’t remember much of the conversation.  I have always just stated that the information must have just “flown” through me and wasn’t meant to “stick” along the way.

I am now looking at it differently, mainly because I “get” so much of my information at night.  I will pace around getting all sorts of really “great” insights, but if Loren isn’t awake for me to tell him about it – I will remember I had great insights and/or information, but will not remember what they are.  If, though, Loren is awake and I discuss the information/insights with him at that moment, I will remember everything.  It is the same when I am talking with someone… if we are engaged in a conversation – an interactive one… I will remember… if the person is passive with passive comments… I won’t remember it. 

So I have figured out that I am an unconscious/conscious channeler… I am both… I need the interaction with a conscious individual for me to be conscious; if the channeling is just me “warbling”… then I won’t remember.  (Before you give me the suggestion of “writing information down” or “taping the information”… get real… I am NOT conscious then – why would I be able to do those things?????)

I am writing this to you because I imagine there are many of you who fit into this category…. So good or bad…???? You determine that question for yourself.  Right now I am leaning toward… hey, it is just me….  I think “they” are asking for coffee…. You think?

5 thoughts on “Honestly, I didn’t know…. A word from your sponsor”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story with us!! It’s fascinating how we can think we must be having the same experience as someone else, and then accidentally find out that it isn’t so, huh? I had this ah-ha when realizing that we may not even be seeing colors the same way … and how would we know when we only have words to compare our experiences of color? I’ve been enjoying my forays into channeling after reading your blog, so THANK YOU for that, too! It’s a highlight of my morning to find out what you have for us each day. 🙂

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