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Get used to it…. a bit more on psychic abilities

It doesn’t matter how you choose to describe someone who has the abilities to know things that are beyond our normal abilities; the thing of importance is the fact that we all have to some degree this ability.   To some this is a forbidden mystical skill not to be indulged.  The moment you buy a new products at the store and just know it will be awful or in a relationship you just know will be a disappointment – you are using your psychic ability.  For most, a more comfortable word is intuition (I know it is for me).  Have you ever been watching TV and thought about being thirsty wishing someone could get up and get something for you… when a couple of minutes later, someone asks you if you want something to drink?  What is happening?

The implications of this ability as it relates to spiritual healing work are enormous.  The first thing is the healer’s purity of intention.  The laws and the mechanics under which it works are absolute.  One usually thinks of themselves as receiving information – this is only partially true.  In a large sense the healer is projecting energy and influences the process far greater and more powerful than most folks would ever suspect.  In the ordinary world this is an extremely useful skill that can be used to improve every aspect of one’s life.  In healing it is an integral part of one’s being that allows the healer to access astounding information and enables them to accomplish many wonderful things.  This is why you as a healer or you as the healee… must be in integrity… pure of heart, etc.

Psychics, channelers, mystics are no different than any other trade or skill or talent… There are incompetents, the dishonest as well as the extremely gifted and the ethical.  The one thing to embrace is the possibility that some very special people with extraordinary gifts exist.  The truly gifted psychic can access information and find answers where no other answers are available.  Are you one of these folks?  Do you “own” it?  One of the most difficult things I have ever done is to own my gifts and talents… and learn to not care when others judged me (well, I am almost there.)….  Again… we are all works in progress…

A well-developed sense of intuition helps you gain clarity of vision in such areas as personal relationships, emotions and desires.  Most people think of themselves as intuitively blocked.  They unwittingly shut themselves off from a tremendous source of guidance, wisdom, insight, creativity and healing.  When we allow our intuition to work for us, we are better equipped to make good decisions, for everything from driving a particular route to making career changes to investing our money to involvements with other people.

We all have intuition.  It is an ability we are born with and it occurs naturally.  Just as some of us are born with innate sports or artistic abilities, some of us have easier access to our intuition.  Just as we can all improve skills such as golf, so can we practice to improve our intuitive accuracy.  The edge that intuitive access gives us can be learned through practice, practice, practice and just listening and doing….

In the process of preparing, incubating, receiving and verifying your insights, you sometimes find that your intuitive faculty is blocked, thereby muddying or distorting your vision.  Your mind can be clouded by intrusive thoughts, emotions or someone else’s influence.  Mental stress can be a major component in blocking your intuitive wisdom.   Conscious or unconscious fear also can block you from proceeding through the phases of the intrusive process.  Fear keeps you from beginning the process, relaxing fully and receiving intuitive knowledge.  It distorts your interpretation and interrupts implementation of the results.  Finally, negative thinking, as well as wishful thinking, can contaminate your acknowledgment and interpretation.  States of mind such as anger, anxiety, fatigue and depression also can interfere with your awareness of intuitive signals and can pollute your interpretations.

So, relax…. Breathe….Most important in further developing your intuition is the belief that we all have intuition as an innate ability.  That belief allow you to best access your intuiting.  You must also learn to trust your insights … that they can be valid.  This enables you to properly interpret your intuitive flashes.  So, now, breathe again…

Guess I have about beaten this topic to death, huh?  Hopefully you will breathe and settle into your wonderful abilities….

Coffee anyone?

4 thoughts on “Get used to it…. a bit more on psychic abilities”

  1. Not beaten to death at all!! This is something that is rarely discussed & yet is so important! I wish kids were taught this in school! It’s how our minds work (is it all ‘mind’ tho is another topic) & it is also an impt key to dealing with others, healers and more.

    One detail I would add is to practice on the small things & try to notice when you “got” something right- it’s fun!

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