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Who is your authority?

“Don’t believe everything I say or write about” is my mantra. I have opinions, judgments, etc. like everyone else… but mainly I have information… Information is neither positive nor negative – it is your “spin” on it that makes it so. Does all the information I have, write about, talk about – for me? Absolutely not… some pieces are for me… some are not. Does that make the information wrong? Again, remember – information is information is information. Like our work… it certainly isn’t for everyone as Loren’s jewelry will resonant or not with a person… No one can tell you what is right or wrong for you – folks can make suggestions – have opinions, etc., but YOU need to be your own authority.

So when you take a class or seminar from someone who is an authority on a particular subject, take the pieces that fit —- not all of them will or even should. Because someone is an authority on a subject, does not make them an authority on YOU. The same goes with channelings, readings, IChing, Tarot cards, crystal ball gazing, tea leaf readings, palm readings, etc. given by someone other than you intended for you (meaning someone other than you getting information for yourself)… some of the information will be “dead” right – exactly for you… some will not. Always remember anything (information) external from you is still channeled through a 3rd dimensional brain which will be limited by the personality, experience, education, vocabulary, etc. of the channeler (even unconsciousness ones). Instead of thinking of them as the authority figures, think of them as information givers – this will change the whole focus for you.

The problem lies when the authority on a subject believes they are the “only” authority on everything and everybody. Just because they have knowledge in one area does not mean they have ALL knowledge or ALL information in that area. This is impossible. I always wonder when God died and put them in charge. They also do not know you… only you know you… (even if you are trying to figure this out). Don’t let anyone be your authority… you get that “spot”. Actually, there is nothing wrong with and quite a bit good with going outside of yourself to get more information, second opinions, or validations of what you already know or maybe don’t know but need information on; the problem starts when you start disbelieving “you” and putting more “stock”, “value” on someone else. I love it when someone tells me that they already knew what I am telling them – it gives me a sign that I am certainly going in the right direction!!!!!

Information doesn’t lie – it can’t – it is just information.

My “information” sources are telling me that I need a jolt of caffeine. Thanks for tuning in…. Who is your authority figure?

3 thoughts on “Who is your authority?”

  1. I’m still working on me & my higher self being my only authority. It is tempting when someone else’s source seems to know more than I do (or seems to be higher up in terms of scope) to abdicate to their knowing. I don’t think this is very unique & it doesn’t mean I can’t look to other sources for ideas & clues, I just need to validate it always thru my own Self. Thanks for another thought-provoking topic!


    There are allot of “Pies” out there who trulu believe their way is the “only” way always a good idea always ask questions and take the pieces that fit for you if it doesn’t feel right it’s not for you.

    Very good information Diane thank you for sharing.


  3. After going from pillar to new age/metaphysical post for more years than I care to admit I came to the place where I decided to accept nothing other than what I had personally validated through experience.
    I still am open to follow and explore new areas and people of interest however I hold my own experience as the litmus of what is in order for me.
    Intuition also plays an important role in that I increasingly trust where it leads me.
    Thanks for yet another seed for consideration.

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